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5 untrue stories about Boston terror attacks that have gone viral

In the aftermath of dramatic events like Monday's bombing attack at the Boston Marathon, it's a truth of our times that millions of people will get early bits of news via social media.

How to spot the travel industry’s eco-lies

Book an airline ticket, save the planet.Re-use the towel in your hotel; stop global warming. Rent a hybrid car; reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.Lofty promises made by airlines peddling gimmicky carbon offsets, resorts hawking convoluted green initiatives and companies with shiny new fleets of high-maintenance cars to rent.And empty promises.

Soskin slams Government’s ‘big lie’ on travel and the environment

The Government's targeting of the travel industry over green issues is "the big lie", according to Cheapflights.co.uk chief executive David Soskin.Soskin accused the Government of using the travel industry, and the aviation sector in particular, as a scapegoat in the green debate because it is an easy target.