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Tag: Kuoni

Travel & Tourism at the center of life for Matteo Pennacchi

editor editor- January 17, 2019 01:24

Travel & Tourism is what defines Matteo Pennacchi, an eclectic 47-year-old Italian traveler. Read More

Award winning Code of Conduct members Carlson, Kuoni and Accor

editor editor- June 2, 2010 06:09

The international Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct organization is honored to extend congratulations to three of its leading members - Carlson, Kuoni and Accor - for winning sustainability awa Read More

Kuoni meets SKAL International

editor editor- September 11, 2008 00:48

BANGKOK (September 10, 2008) - Over 60 members and invited guests attended Skal International Bangkok’s luncheon meeting at the Plaza Athenee Bangkok Hotel on September 9, 2008. Read More