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Foreign tourist kidnapped, raped, robbed in Rio de Janeiro

SAO PAULO, Brazil- A female foreign tourist was kidnapped, raped and robbed on a minibus in Rio de Janeiro, police said, highlighting security concerns in the Brazilian city that will host matches in

Czech tourists kidnapping: no contact established with kidnappers

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Two Czech women were kidnapped in Pakistan as they traveled to India by bus in Pakistan's southwestern province of Balochistan.

British tourist kidnapped in Ukraine, rescued by elite special ops

The man, who has not been identified, was said to be "safe and well" after his ordeal in the industrial city of Dnipropetrovsk in southern Ukraine.

The real price of virtual kidnappings

A man travels to Mexico on business. During his trip, his wife receives a call from her husband’s cell phone. Upon answering, she hears screaming.

Bedouin tribesmen release kidnapped British tourists

CAIRO, Egypt - Two British tourists in southern Sinai have been freed just hours after their kidnapping, an Egyptian military intelligence official has said.

Case resolved after eTN Readers made urgent appeal to find missing...

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. The American couple that had gone missing in Peru has been found safe, Peru's Ministry of Tourism and Commerce told CNN Tuesday.

Islamist militants take kidnapped French tourists to Nigeria

YAOUNDE, Cameroon - Kidnappers in Cameroon have taken seven French tourists across the border into neighbouring Nigeria after seizing them on Tuesday.

Kidnapped tourists freed in Ecuador

Two female tourists kidnapped in the north-eastern Ecuador, near the border with Colombia, have been freed.

Bedouin tribesmen kidnap two American tourists in Sinai

CAIRO, Egypt - Bedouin tribesmen, seeking the release of an imprisoned kinsman, kidnapped two U.S. tourists in the Sinai Peninsula on Friday, security sources said.

US tourists kidnapped in Egypt released unharmed

CAIRO, Egypt - Two American tourists who were kidnapped early Thursday in Egypt's Sinai region have been released unharmed, a U.S. State Department spokesman said, citing Egyptian officials.

US citizen abducted in Benin

A U.S. citizen has been kidnapped in the West African nation of Benin, a U.S. State Department official said Sunday.

Maoists refuse to release kidnapped Italian tourist

The Maoist group holding an Italian hostage on Friday rejected the Orissa government's offer to free prisoners and threatened to take the “extreme step” if its demands were not met within 96 hours

Kidnappers set conditions for release of abducted Italian tourists

NEW DELHI, India - The whereabouts of two Italian tourists kidnapped by Maoists from the Daringbadi area of Odisha's Kandhamal district remained unknown till Sunday evening.

Bedouin gunmen kidnap Brazilian tourists in Sinai

Egypt's security sources say that two Brazilian visitors traveling through Egypt's Sinai Peninsula on Sunday have been abducted after a visit to an isolated mountain monastery.

Disappearing travelers

This article is not a review of a destination that has lost track of its core marketing strategies or a switch of consumer loyalty from one resort to another.

Gunmen kidnap 3 Korean tourists, local guide in Sinai Peninsula

Egyptian security chief for the Sinai Peninsula Major-General Mohammed Naguib announced on Friday that armed tribesmen had kidnapped three Korean tourists and their Egyptian guide.

Ethiopian bandits: Kidnapped German tourists are OK

An Ethiopian rebel group says it has kidnapped two German tourists and two Ethiopians, adding that they are safe, in good health and could be released unharmed.

Second kidnapping of tourist shocks Kenya’s tourism sector

A range of sources in Mombasa and Nairobi report that a second tourist kidnapping has taken place, this time at the Manda Bay Resort near Lamu.

Seychelles clarifies facts of Chandler pirate kidnapping

Following the story on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News website on September 5, 2011, regarding the Chandlers' piracy hostage incident, the Seychelles High Level Committee on Piracy wou

Masked gunmen abduct seven Estonian tourists in Lebanon

Lebanese security sources say that masked gunmen today kidnapped seven Estonian tourists who were cycling in Lebanon's Bekaa valley.

Two Sudanese jailed over tourist kidnapping

KHARTOUM - Two Sudanese men who kidnapped a group of tourists in Egypt's southern desert have each been jailed for 20 years, their lawyer said on Wednesday.

Congo goes back to its bad self?

Armed personnel from the DR Congo have over the last weekend again perpetrated a raid into Ugandan waters in Lake Albert, breaking previous agreements over the ownership of Rukwanzi Island.

Tijuana tourism halved by kidnapping scares

A wave of kidnappings in Mexico has halved the number of tourists visiting the country's most famous popular destination and left foreigners working in the country terrified for their families.