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Kenya Tourism Federation lost UNWTO affiliate status

(eTN) - Kenya’s tourism association apex body, the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), has lost their status as a UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) affiliate body, reportedly as a result of a backlo

Hippo kills Chinese tourist in Kenya

(eTN) - Sad news is coming out of Kenya that a Chinese tourist has died in a local hospital, where she was taken last night after being attacked by a hippo while attempting to take a close-up photogra

Kenya Tourism Board asks government for 500 million shillings

(eTN) - Sources in Nairobi have confirmed that the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) is seeking an additional 500 million Kenya shillings (US$5.9 million) to fund a series of “recovery missions” aimed to

Kenya’s tourism gurus relieved over Supreme Court ruling

(eTN) - Kenya’s tourism industry was swift to welcome the decision of the Supreme Court, which delivered the verdict of “validly elected” while turning down the applications of the petitioners t

Tourism gurus expect swift recovery after peaceful elections in Kenya

(eTN) - While the who’s who of Kenya’s tourism industry is wrapping up their participation in the world’s greatest tourism fair, ITB Berlin, a number of them have expressed their confidence that

Kenya tourism businesses face pre-election blues as more blame is heaped...

(eTN) – “Finally his time in tourism is coming to an end. Too much of what he did was embroiled in controversy and the things which needed doing were not done.

Kenya President commissions phase one of new Isiolo airport

(eTN) – Kenya President Mwai Kibaki yesterday formally opened the first phase of the new airport in Isiolo.

Lack of board appointments for East Africa tourism parastatals cause of...

(eTN) - The absence of substantive boards of directors at the newly-created East Africa tourism parastatals is said to be a further cause of growing dissent within the tourism industry and between sen

Convicted former tourism leaders start appeal hearing

(eTN) - Former Permanent Secretary Rebecca Nabutoola, former Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) CEO Dr.

Court rules in favor of Muriithi Ndegwa as CEO of the...

(eTN) - The ruling today of the Industrial Court in favor of Muriithi Ndegwa as CEO of the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), affirming that he indeed holds a valid 3-year contract extension as handed to him

Mwazo reeling as industrial court reinstates Muriithi Ndegwa

(eTN) - First feedback from London is that Kenya’s Tourism Minister looked perplexed and stunned when news was whispered in his ear that Muriithi Ndegwa, clearly now a subject to the Minister’s pe

Power company set to invest in tourism venture at Hells Gate...

(eTN) - The Kenya Electricity Generating Company, in short known as KenGen, is in the process of diversifying its portfolio with the entry into the tourism industry.

Muriithi Ndegwa makes come back at Kenya Tourist Board

(eTN) - News just broke that the Head of Civil Service in Kenya, Francis Kimemia, has re-appointed Mr.

New Kenya Wildlife Service Chief Executive appointed in record time

(eTN) – News is just breaking from Nairobi that Mr. William Kibet Kiprono has been appointed as the new Chief Executive of the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Leitoro appointed as acting CEO of Kenya Wildlife Service

(eTN) - The Board of Trustees of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) announced yesterday that Mr.

Magical Kenya Exhibition exceeds expectations

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), aka Magical Kenya, held its annual tourism exhibition last weekend, and in spite of a challenging economic environment, visitor numbers exceeded those of past years, wit

Kenya south coast bed occupancy drops

(eTN) - Information received by a regular source from the Kenyan coast makes stark reading, as the occupancy statistics attached to it made for an average of only 43 percent in September.

Confusion reigns over asset directive by the Transition Authority

(eTN) - A directive issued earlier this week by Kenya’s “Transition Authority” (TA), which is charged with an orderly transfer of assets to a number of new administrative entities created under

Tanzania’s Tourism Minister blasts Namanga border staff for inefficiency

(eTN) - Complaints received while on a recent visit to Kenya about the often slow and cumbersome processing of tourists, prompted the no-nonsense and hands-on Minister for Natural Resources and Touris

Lamu Cultural Festival set for World Heritage Site of Old Town

Many of the world’s destinations loudly boast an opportunity for the traveler to “enter another world.” Off the shores of Northern Kenya, the island of Lamu offers this experience in its purest

UNDP and GEF set to partner with Kenya to promote western...

(eTN) - Information has been ascertained that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) have set aside a joint 220 million Kenya shillings to support part

Kenya President Kibaki appoints new chairs of tourism parastatals

KENYA (eTN) - Killian Lugwe, best known in Kampala for heading the team which transformed the former Nile Hotel International into the Kampala Serena Hotel before being posted back to Nairobi at the e

Kenya’s tourism stakeholders livid over budget cuts for marketing

(eTN) - When a budget analysis was done in Kenya last Friday in a series of breakfast and lunchtime presentations by leading accounting, audit, and financial service consultancy firms, the stark reali

Kenya tourism stands together to face aftermath of Nairobi incident

(eTN) - Key stakeholders from the private and public sector in Kenya, as well as association leaders, have stood up to be counted yesterday and condemned the criminal masterminds and perpetrators of t

Kenya’s new Tourism Minister locks horns with media

(eTN) - In an unwarranted broadside against the media and their reporting, the recently-appointed new Tourism Minister of Kenya, Dan Mwazo, has done more harm than good to his cause to promote tourism

Kenya Wildlife Service responds to Eco-Tourism Kenya and other claims

(eTN) - In a media statement issued ahead of the Easter weekend, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Corporate Communications Department finally responded with a detailed account of their own, after the

Mombasa blasts well away from tourist hot spots

(eTN) - A regular source from the Kenyan coast, met only a few days ago at the e-Tourism Conference in Nairobi, was swift to make contact and get heard when he said: “We had two separate but almost