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Italian Tourist Tax receipts in Italy: A record for 2019

Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy- May 6, 2019 21:17

The Italy City Tourist Tax for the year 2019 is foreseen to reach a new record of 600 million euro. This result is estimated by a study made by Federalberghi ... Read More

Italian tourist arrested for kicking his three-year-old son in the face

editor editor- July 3, 2012 07:23

A doctor was arrested at Disney World, Florida, after staff said they saw him kick his three-year-old son in the face. Read More

Italian tourist to protest against Zambia Tourism Board at BIT2011

editor editor- February 15, 2011 05:13

An Italian tourist who was swindled out of US$6,500 in Zambia said he will protest against Zambia at an international tourism exhibition in Italy next week. Read More

Islamic militants abduct Italian tourist in Algeria

editor editor- February 5, 2011 06:10

ALGIERS, Algeria – Suspected Islamic militants abducted an Italian tourist in Algeria's remote southern desert, state media reported Friday. Read More

Italian tourist killed in Brazilian flood

editor editor- January 24, 2011 04:24

SAO PAULO, Brazil — An Italian tourist was killed in southern Brazil when the car she was in was dragged into a river during a flood, Brazilian authorities said. Read More

NYC cabbie drives 200 miles to return $21,000 to Italian tourist

editor editor- January 13, 2010 05:36

A New York City cab driver drove 200 miles to return more than $21,000 in cash left behind in his taxi by an elderly Italian tourist. Read More

Italian tourist arrested in Rio for kissing daughter

editor editor- September 9, 2009 03:07

An Italian tourist arrested in Brazil after being accused of publicly molesting his eight-year-old daughter has been put under police guard in hospital after falling ill when a judge rejected ... Read More

Italian tourist disarms knife-wielding New York City mugger

editor editor- June 19, 2008 04:31

New York — A 19-year-old Italian tourist was ambushed by a knife-wielding thug as she headed to a party on the Upper East Side - but she managed to disarm ... Read More

Italian arrested in Cambodia

editor editor- March 7, 2008 05:57

Rome, 6 March - Another Italian tourist was arrested in Cambodia a few days ago. The charge cited by Cambodian police is the sexual abuse of six children. F. C., ... Read More