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Sri Lanka bans all face coverings after Islamic terrorists kill 253 people in Easter attacks

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- April 29, 2019 18:40

Under a state of emergency after a spate of suicide bombings last week, Sri Lanka has imposed a ban on all forms of face coverings. The measure is aimed at ... Read More

Avoiding dangerous vacations 2018

Hon. Thomas A. Dickerson Hon. Thomas A. Dickerson- September 19, 2018 21:27

This is the sixth year that we have posted dangerous vacations destination information collected from news articles and reported law cases. Read More

French politician: Violent Islamist mobs attack tourists in Tunisia

editor editor- August 24, 2012 09:34

Tunisia is falling prey to violent Islamist mobs, a Franco-Tunisian politician from the Loire valley has warned, after he narrowly escaped a "lynching" when he returned to his native town ... Read More

Egypt’s Islamists: We do not want to ban tourism

editor editor- December 12, 2011 03:30

Egypt's Islamist parties have moved to reassure tourists that the country is not threatened by religious fanatics. Read More