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Iraq settles long-running airline dispute with Kuwait

An aide to Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Wednesday that Iraq and Kuwait have reached a $500 million agreement to resolve a dispute over Gulf War-era debts that had prevented Iraqi Airwa

President Obama declares Iraq war will be over by end of...

"After nearly nine years, America's war in Iraq will be over, Obama said, "The coming months will be a season of homecomings. Our troops in Iraq will definitely be home for the holidays."

Iraq striving to recover plundered antiquities

Iraq is still striving to recover thousands of antiquities plundered from its museums and archaeological sites, as the war-torn country aims to develop its tourism industry to help rebuild its economy

Iraqi Kurdistan hopes for 5 million visitors by 2015

ARBIL, Iraq - Kurdistan, the semi-autonomous region in northern Iraq, expects to attract more than five million tourists by 2015, according to government sources.

Ban calls for further steps by Iraq to fulfil pledges to...

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has encouraged the Iraqi Government to act quickly to fulfil its obligations to find Kuwaiti or third country nationals, property and archives lost in Saddam Hussein’s

Iraq the next tourism hotspot

Iraq is poised to be a future tourism hotspot reveals the WTM Global Trends Report today (Monday 8 November).

Iraq demands Israel return stolen ancient Torah scroll

Iraq's Tourism Ministry is calling on Israel to return an ancient Torah scroll that was illegally smuggled out of the country.

Lufthansa, business jets return to Baghdad

Iraq is transforming from a battleground into a focus for civil aviation as the collapse of its national airline and a decline in violent attacks attract international carriers and business-jet operat

Wildlife trade thrives in Baghdad due to lack of government regulation

BAGHDAD – A dozen fluffy white kittens with piercing blue eyes frolic in a wire cage, perched perilously atop a pen containing two African lion cubs.

Iraqi airline industry showing signs of recovery, but faces many problems

Cruising down the runway at 200 kilometres per hour in Stafford Clarry's sleek SUV, you can’t help feeling impressed with the Middle-East’s newest airport.

Etihad Airways plans to launch regular service to Iraq

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Etihad Airways says it plans to launch regular flights to Baghdad next week, making it the latest carrier to begin flying passengers to the Iraqi capital.

Foreign investors turning Saddam Hussein’s playground into a tourist mecca

Tikrit, Iraq - Saddam Hussein made his palaces a faux Babylonian paradise, but now his home town of Tikrit is seeking foreign investors to turn the late dictator's playground into a tourist mecca.

Najaf thriving as a religious tourism destination

The city of Najaf in Iraq is thriving as a religious tourist destination for Shia Muslims, with thousands of Iranians making a weekly pilgrimage to the sacred Imam Ali shrine.

Iraq is on Lufthansa’s mind

At last November’s World Travel Market in London, the arrival of Iraq’s delegation was perhaps one that was most anticipated for many reasons.

Lufthansa plans to return to Iraq

As Iraq is increasingly opening up to civil aviation, demand for flights to the country is growing.

Fighting terrorism with tourism

Being one of the leading voices of Iraqi tourism and a crusader of the return that country's pillaged and looted antiquities might sound like a thankless task. But to Bahaa Mayah, its a mission.

Iraq hopes Babylon ruins translate into tourist dollars

The tunnel stank, yet I could scarcely keep from leaping into it after my guide said, “You are now standing on the ruins of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.”

Iraq to resume Baghdad-Paris flights after 20 yrs

BAGHDAD, Nov 9 (Reuters) - Iraq's national airline plans to resume direct flights between Baghdad and Paris after 20 years, the government said on Monday, prompted by demand following a drop in violen

Iraq tourism gets aggressive with a little help from London

Iraq will be attending this year’s edition of the World Travel Market (WTM) in London with its partner Dunira Strategy to investigate market development opportunities, Iraq tourism officials reveale

Are you brave enough to holiday in post-war Iraq?

There is sun, sand and plenty of fascinating sites to see. But Iraq is probably not top of most people's lists when planning a relaxing holiday.

Travel agent: Kurdistan is ready for tourists

Next week, Ihab Zaki will take a group of six American tourists to Kurdish Iraq.

5 Iranian tourists killed, 20 injured in Iraq attack

KHANQIN, Iraq - Gunmen opened fire at tourist buses Wednesday in Iraq, killing five Iranians, police sources say.

Advisory by US Dept. of State cites stability in Kurdistan region...

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) today lauded the US Department of State's updated guidelines for travel to Iraq, affirming the relative safety and security of the Kurdistan region.

Blair visit puts Sierra Leone on tourist map. Where next, Iraq?

Sierra Leone is emerging as a new destination for adventurous travellers, with Tony Blair visiting this week to raise the country's profile in the tourism market and UK operators beginning to offer ho

Baghdad museum reopens 6 years after looting

BAGHDAD – Iraq's restored National Museum reopened Monday with a red-carpet gala in the heart of Baghdad nearly six years after looters carried away priceless antiquities as American troops largely

Four Britons to join first tourist trip to Baghdad

Four Britons will be among the first tour group of westerners to risk a holiday in the Arab areas of Iraq for six years when they fly to Baghdad in March.

Red tape curbs profits from Iraq religious tourism

KARBALA/NAJAF, Iraq - Tourism is booming in Iraq - religious tourism, at least - but Shi'ite Islam's holiest sites are struggling to cope with the influx.