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Investigators trying to determine cause of Lion Air crash

BALI, Indonesia - Investigators were working to determine what caused a new Lion Air passenger jet to miss the runway and crash into the sea off the Indonesian resort island of Bali, in the expanding

FBI probes mysterious death aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ship

The FBI is investigating the mysterious death of a 64-year-old woman aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

UK cruise tourists attacked, shot in Barbados

The Foreign Office is investigating reports that two Britons have been shot by a robber while on holiday in Barbados.

American Eagle pilot arrested after failing blood-alcohol test

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Airport police arrested an American Eagle pilot Friday after he failed a blood-alcohol breath test as he prepared to fly from Minneapolis-St.

Engine crack found on second Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Just two months after an engine cracked and failed during test aboard a Boeing 787, federal plane inspectors have found a second engine problem on a different Dreamliner, the National Transportation S

Tourists mysteriously dying in Southeast Asia

This is all we know for sure: Kari Bowerman, 27, and Cathy Huynh, 26, were backpacking in Vietnam while on break from their jobs teaching English in South Korea.

UK Civil Aviation Authority investigating phony airline

Fair Airways UK is advertising for staff on its website and candidates must pay £75 up-front.

Falling debris from Air Canada flight damage cars in Ontario

Canadian authorities are investigating reports that debris fell Monday from a troubled airliner and caused damage to vehicles in southern Ontario.

Firecrackers found in Southwest Airlines plane

Federal officials are investigating how firecrackers got into a Southwest Airlines plane scheduled to leave Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Delta applauds decision to investigate labor board

ATLANTA - Delta Air Lines today applauded the decision of the U.S.

NTSB: Planes came within one tenth of a mile of each...

Washington - Acting at the request of an air traffic controller, the pilot of a Southwest Airlines B-737 pulled within one-tenth of a mile of a small, four-seat aircraft last month to check on the pil

UN urges probe after media professionals die in detention in Bahrain

A senior United Nations official today called for an investigation into the deaths of two media professionals in Bahrain who died earlier this month while held in detention.

FBI investigates possible bullet hole in US Airways jet

FBI investigators were working Tuesday to discover what caused a small hole in the body of a US Airways jet.

EU competition regulators investigate Czech Airlines

European Union regulators opened an in-depth probe into Czech Airlines on Wednesday, saying they doubted the carrier's revamp would return it to viability and also comply with EU state aid rules.

Murder of Canadian woman investigated in Costa Rica

PUERTO JIMENEZ, Costa Rica — The death of a Canadian woman is treated as a homicide by local authorities, Costa Rican media reported Saturday.

Jamaican luxury hotel divestment investigated

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Government agencies have been ordered by by Jamaican PM to cooperate fully with the probe into the proposed sale of Jamaica's interest in a luxury hotel.

Malaysian firm in deadly tour bus crash investigated

KUALA LUMPUR - Describing yesterday's bus crash that claimed 27 lives as the nation's worst road accident, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said it would be thoroughly investigated by the aut

Police: No comment on tourist murder investigation

Western Cape police refused to divulge any information in the Anni Dewani murder investigation.

Updated Boeing statement on 787 Dreamliner ZA002 incident

EVERETT, Wash. - Boeing continues to investigate Monday's incident on ZA002. We have determined that a failure in the P100 panel led to a fire involving an insulation blanket.

Investigators searching for Agni Air black box data recorder

KATHMANDU — Investigators in Nepal on Wednesday combed the site of a plane crash that killed 14 people including six tourists, as the grim task of identifying the bodies began.

Airlines’ veil rules enforcement investigated by Canadian government

Transport Minister John Baird has ordered an investigation into whether airlines are enforcing rules that require staff to see the faces of passengers who board their flights.

Hundreds of dead penguins washing up on the beaches of Brazil

SAO PAULO – Hundreds of penguins that apparently starved to death are washing up on the beaches of Brazil, worrying scientists who are still investigating what's causing them to die.

Investigators: Accident could have been prevented if captain used plane’s rudder

WASHINGTON — The captain of an airliner that ran off a runway in Denver during a strong crosswind could have prevented the accident if he had used the plane's rudder to correct its direction, federa

Jetstar pilot’s texting during landing investigated

The pilot of a no-frills Australian airline is being investigated over claims he was texting on his mobile phone during landing.

Outrage over UK police secretly investigating 47,000 ailine passengers

Police secretly investigated the travel habits, family, friends and backgrounds of 47,000 innocent people last year after they bought plane tickets to fly into and out of Britain.

Air Asia X unsafe flying investigated

An official investigation has begun into two "serious" incidents involving Air AsiaX passenger jets that dropped to unsafe heights over the Gold Coast last week.

Turkish Airlines dispute results of Dutch investigation of 2009 deadly crash

Turkish Airlines is understood to be challenging the findings of a Dutch inquiry into the crash of its Boeing 737-800 on approach to Amsterdam.

Near collision of United jet and Cessna aircraft

It was indeed a very close call, and both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are investigating.