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On the move, online and in the know

BANGKOK, Thailand - We’re all aware that when traveling abroad it’s sometimes not possible or practical to rely on a mobile carrier’s roaming service for Internet access.

Southwest: You’re free to surf the Net, but you’ll have to...

Ding! You are now free to surf the Net -- but on Southwest Airlines, you'll have to pay for it.

Air travelers hate being without Net access for hours. Some airlines...

Pop Quiz: How many U.S. airlines currently offer broadband Internet access to all passengers?

Southwest and American Airlines say broader testing of satellite and ground...

How would you like Wi-Fi on your flight: via ground antennae or satellite?That's the choice air passengers are likely to have later this year as progress in both systems was announced this week.Southwest Airlines on Wednesday said it is testing satellite-based service developed by Row 44. Southwest said it hopes to begin testing Internet service on four of its aircraft this summer.