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FAA orders inspections of Boeing 737 jets

NEW YORK - The Federal Aviation Administration announced Monday it will require additional inspections of certain older model Boeing 737-series aircraft.

Massive inspection of Boeing aircraft cockpit windows ordered by FAA

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has ordered airlines to inspect the cockpit window heaters on some 1,212 Boeing aircraft, and possibly replace the windows as well.

Boeing to recommend more frequent checks on 767s after cracks discovered

Boeing says it has notified all 767 aircraft operators about cracks found on two American Airlines 767-300 planes, and by mid-July will recommend more frequent maintenance checks.

Cracks on two planes lead to inspection of 56 American...

NEW YORK — American Airlines is inspecting 56 of its Boeing 767 jets after cracks were detected on at least two planes.

FAA to fine Northwest $1.5 million

MINNEAPOLIS — The government wants to fine Northwest Airlines almost $1.5 million after it failed to inspect wires near the cockpit windows in some of its planes for 17 years.

FAA establishes new norm for regional airlines

Shocking revelations that emerged from the February plane crash in Buffalo, N.Y., which killed 50 people, might have appalled the traveling public, but many pilots didn't find them surprising.

FAA sets up high-level alerts for missed airline inspections

WASHINGTON - The Federal Aviation Administration is going to begin alerting its top headquarters officials when field inspectors miss airline safety inspections, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters announced Friday.

Govt to boost foreign plane safety checks

(TVLW) - The Construction and Transport Ministry has decided to strengthen monitoring of foreign airlines operating in Japan with a view to improving safety and preventing accidents, ministry sources said Sunday.