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Agra tourists now have to pay extra to view iconic Taj Mahal

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- December 6, 2019 18:36

City officials in Agra, India today announce that domestic and foreign tourists will now have to pay extra to view the iconic Taj Mahal from a newly-built vantage point. Developed ... Read More

The 5th Edition of the International Day of Yoga

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- May 20, 2019 14:45

The 5th Edition of the International Day of Yoga will be celebrated all around the globe on 21st June 2019. As in the past, this year also Ministry of Tourism, ... Read More

India Tourism: Fore! on the golf course

editor editor- April 30, 2019 23:38

During a presentation by the Ministry of Tourism at the Indian golf & Turf Expo (IGTE), Mr. Venkatesan Dhattareyan, Deputy Director General at Incredible India, Ministry of Tourism, India, greatly ... Read More

Indian Tourism booming by the trillions

editor editor- April 30, 2019 01:10

A new report shows that the systematic growth, maintenance, and sustainable development of tourism destinations for India, as well as focus on promoting the emerging avenues of tourism, will be ... Read More

Somatheeram, world’s first Ayurvedic resort, will join anniversary 25th edition of OTDYKH Leisure 2019

editor editor- April 17, 2019 00:54

Somatheeram will, once again, participate at the leading B2B travel exhibition OTDYKH Leisure, which will take place September 10-12, 2019. Held in Moscow each year, OTDYKH leisure is a perfect ... Read More

Mexico closes most of its tourist offices abroad

Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy- February 26, 2019 01:56

The Consejo de Promoción Turistica de México, the main public body for Mexican tourism, is closing all of its 21 international offices. Much of the available budget - about 290 ... Read More

BAME Women in Travel initiative to assist ethnic minority women in travel and tourism industry

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- February 21, 2019 19:15

Women in Travel CIC, the social enterprise dedicated to empowering women though employability and entrepreneurship in the travel industry, will launch ‘BAME Women in Travel’ at a Royal Society of ... Read More

Lessons to be learned from the mountain tragedy

editor editor- June 24, 2013 01:59

(eTN) - The 21st century brought in a number of conveniences and facilities, something which could not have been dreamt about in the 20th century. Read More

Indian Tourism Ministry to promote India as a filming destination

editor editor- May 20, 2013 02:55

The Ministry of Tourism in India is participating at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival to promote India as a filming destination, the Dispatch News Desk (DND) reported. Read More

India’s inbound arrival to go up in next 6 months

editor editor- April 17, 2013 01:16

India’s inbound tourism strategy needs to be tailored to the leisure segment, business travel, while medical and adventure tourism and domestic tourism should be targeted at the middle age segment ... Read More

SATTE most sought-after travel and tourism event in South Asia

editor editor- November 6, 2012 02:23

NEW DELHI, India - Over the years, SATTE has received tremendous response from national tourism boards, Indian states, hotel chains, airlines, and tourism products from across the globe. Read More

India government and tourism pledges support for SATTE 2013

editor editor- October 18, 2012 02:23

The Ministry of Tourism (MoT), government of India has pledged its support and confirmed their participation at SATTE 2013. Read More

And then the lights went out

editor editor- August 3, 2012 07:41

Back-to-back power outages are just the latest indication that lots of things in India need to be fixed if the nation is to ever achieve its highly-touted potential. Read More

India Tourism expanding floor space at World Travel Market

editor editor- June 13, 2012 06:41

India will have its own dedicated exhibition region at World Travel Market 2012, the leading global event for the travel industry, after its participation at WTM 2011 will generate a ... Read More

Forecasting 2012 travel in India

editor editor- January 28, 2012 07:22

(eTN) - We are entering the last week of January, and making predictions for the next eleven months in 2012 has become partially easier, thanks to easing of some pressures ... Read More

Hill station conservation policy needed for India

editor editor- July 18, 2011 05:07

(eTN) - Getting away from crowds doesn’t always happen when visiting Indian hill stations, especially during vacations. Read More

Deterrent to Indian tourism: garbage alongside railway tracks

editor editor- June 3, 2011 06:02

(eTN) - The largest employer in the world – Indian Railways - runs about 11,000 train services each day with 9,000 being operated as passenger trains running on about 67,000 ... Read More

Preserving the past for the future of tourism in India

editor editor- April 13, 2011 07:57

(eTN) - Thanks to the relative calm and increasingly improving security measures across tourist hotspots, India posted a record number of arrivals of 5.58 million last year with a growth ... Read More

Banning wildlife tourism in India is not the solution

editor editor- December 7, 2010 06:34

INDIA (eTN) - Resort owners and tour operators in wildlife reserves are up against a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) filed in the Jabalpur High Court seeking to ban tourists and ... Read More

Mumbai will prevail, terror won’t

editor editor- December 2, 2008 09:38

After ten gunmen paralyzed the commercial hub and hospitality center of Mumbai in attacks that killed at least 174 people and revealed the weakness of India's security apparatus, India’s tourism ... Read More

India’s medical tourism: Whose life is it saving?

editor editor- February 6, 2008 08:27

(eTN) - India's much-vaunted foray into medical tourism has come under dark clouds following a question of medical ethics over reports of poor Indians illegally selling their kidneys, and the ... Read More

Tourists not safe in incredible India

editor editor- December 23, 2007 12:11

(eTN) - Rising incidents of crimes against foreign tourists has pushed the Tourism Ministry to send a communication to all states asking them to speed up the process of creating ... Read More

India against tourists paying carbon tax

editor editor- December 3, 2007 06:09

NEW DELHI(TVLW): Should a tourist coming to India to enjoy the beauty of Taj Mahal pay a carbon tax? Should India curtail the volume of tourists coming in each year ... Read More

India among top 10 revenue generating routes for several airlines

editor editor- December 3, 2007 04:58

New Delhi (TVLW) India is moving up another global listing — of being among the top 10 revenue generating routes for several global airlines. Whether it is neighbouring Singapore or ... Read More