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EURO 2012 gives Ukraine chance to ditch bad stereotypes

A backward country infested with corruption, AIDS, prostitutes and racist thugs.

Executives: Gulf tourism needs as much as $500 million for marketing...

WASHINGTON — States bordering the gushing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico need as much as $500 million to boost tourism with marketing campaigns aimed at cleaning up their image, tourism executives

Tourism officials fear AIDS will undermine Bali’s tourist image

A leading tourism official said on Wednesday that child prostitution was a major contributor to increasing HIV/AIDS cases in the country’s tourism hot spots, while another official from Bali claimed

Restoring image of the “Land of Smiles” will be an uphill...

BANGKOK — The Thai capital has been mostly scrubbed clean, but it will be some time before images of two months of deadly anti-government street protests fade from the minds of potential visitors.

Utah: Firing squads – not a great tourist campaign

Although news of Ronnie Lee Gardner's selection of execution by firing squad traveled quickly around the world, there is little expectation that his choice will significantly impact Utah's tourism and

Rome taxis notorious for tourists scams seek to improve bad image

ROME - Rome's largest taxi cooperative is trying to improve the bad name of the city's cabbies, notorious among tourists to one of the world's best loved cities.

Algeria counters violent image to lure tourists

ALGIERS - Algeria is an emerging tourist destination which is spreading the word to potential visitors that the image of a country overshadowed by extremist violence is out of date, the tourism minist

Spain trying to shake off cheap “holiday-in-the-sun” image

MADRID — Half a century after it pioneered the cheap "holiday-in-the-sun" package deal, Spain is seeking to upgrade its image by convincing the discerning and affluent tourist that it has much more

Tourism Minister: ‘Insensitive immigration policies’ present Israel as ‘inhumane state’

Public storm caused by detention of Peruvian tourist visiting Israeli boyfriend prompts Minister Misezhnikov to send letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu calling for meeting on Interior Ministry's 'inse

In Carradine death Thailand’s sex caricature endures

When Kung Fu star David Carradine died last Thursday, I wasn't surprised. He was 72.

Tourists have to try to combat the ‘ugly American’

When travel author Beth Whitman was in Vietnam, she witnessed a group of young American male travelers rough-housing in the streets outside of the Rex Hotel.

What is Nigeria telling the world now?

From "Giant in the Sun" to the controversial "Hearts of Africa" and now, "Nigeria, Good People, Great Nation," Nigeria has re-branded itself three times in a matter of 20 years.

Foreign advisories clobber Trinidad and Tobago

Governments of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are maintaining strong travel advisories on crime in T&T - and two have also included warnings on yellow fever.

Air Mauritius gives a new boost to its image with the...

PORT LOUIS, Mauritius - Air Mauritius has today revealed its new visual identity including a modernised and vibrant logotype which symbolises the airline's new ambitions.

Tourists are afraid to go to Russia

The number of foreign tourists who choose to spend their vacations in Russia, including Moscow and St.

Transport strike dents Berlin’s image, hurts tourism industry

Business and tourism leaders in Berlin fear shops will be forced to close and hotels run empty as the crippling public transport strike enters day nine on Thursday, March 13, with no end in sight.

Tourists ‘fear Queensland jungle’

QUEENSLAND needs to push past its reputation as a "creepy-crawly jungle'' to increase European tourists, a conference has been told.

Portugal seeking to present new image to the world

LISBON, Portugal (eTN) - The Portuguese government last week presented a new image for the external promotion of Portugal. This new image aims to maneuver the country into a more attractive and competitive position.