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Re-defining “undocumented”: TSA allows illegal immigrants board flights without any ID

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- June 7, 2019 18:45

US Transportation Security Administration has brought a new meaning to the term "undocumented" by permitting illegal aliens to fly domestically, without ANY legal ID papers, for months, according to a ... Read More

Trump declares national emergency to circumvent Congress, get money for his pet project

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- February 15, 2019 17:06

In an attempt to build his long-promised 'border wall' without congressional approval, President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency. Trump is also expected to sign a bill granting limited ... Read More

Greek police arresting, beating tourists

editor editor- January 11, 2013 10:00

Greek police have stepped up efforts to catch illegal immigrants in recent months, launching a new operation to check the papers of people who look foreign. Read More

Illegal immigrants rally in Tel Aviv, demand refugee status

editor editor- June 11, 2012 07:57

JERUSALEM - Several hundred Sudanese immigrants rallied Sunday on the streets of Tel Aviv, demanding refugee status. Read More

Greece’s waters and mountains has become Europe’s primary gateway for illegal immigration

editor editor- September 9, 2009 01:07

SAMOS, Greece - Greece's waters and mountains has become Europe's primary gateway for illegal immigration: Nearly half of European Union's illegal immigrants are detected at the nation's land or sea ... Read More

Brazil threatens to slap visa requirement on British tourists

editor editor- June 16, 2008 05:22

RIO DE JANEIRO - The Brazilian Foreign Ministry threatened to make visas mandatory for all Britons if Britain re-slaps visa requirements on Brazilians. The warning came one day after British ... Read More