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Iceland tourism braces for huge VAT increase

The government of Iceland is proposing a whopping increase to its VAT (value added tax) from its current 7% to 25.5%.

Volcanic eruption in Iceland seems to be over

ICELAND (eTN) - The Grimsvotn Lakes eruption in Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland seems to be over.

Iceland eruption frightful for tour operators

ICELAND (eTN) - The eruption which started in Grimsvotn Lakes in Vatnajokull glacier in the southeast of Iceland about 350 km from Reykjavik on Saturday night reminds many of last year's eruption in E

Health tourism spells great opportunity for Iceland

ICELAND (eTN) - “Geothermal water is Iceland‘s white gold,” according to guest speaker Ms. Csilla Mezösi speaking at the annual meeting of the Iceland Association for Health Tourism.

That’s a really good idea

Except for an occasional volcano, Iceland is perhaps one of the best places on the planet to live, work, climb mountains, scale glaciers, ride bikes, and get rid of pesky acne (in the geothermal baths

Iceland desperate for funds to protect its natural tourism attractions

ICELAND (eTN) - Some of Iceland’s most famous natural attractions are under threat of permanent damage made by local and foreign visitors due to lack of funds for visitor management.

Iceland becomes “touristsland”

Iceland’s tourism performs well in spite of local economic troubles and a global recession. Fewer groups but more individuals are coming to Iceland this year than last year.

Europe’s largest national park established amid criticisms

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (eTN) - Iceland’s Vatnajokull National Park is Europe’s largest national park, Icelandic Enviroment Minister Thorunn Sveinbjarnardottir proclaimed last Saturday.

Appointment of Iceland’s new tourism director slap in the face, critics...

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (eTN) – The appointment of a new tourism director for Iceland is drawing more criticism than praise.“The new director of tourism in Iceland has neither professional education nor significant experience of the nuts and bolts in the industry,” said Bjarnheidur Hallsdottir, spokesperson for the Association of University Educated Tourism Professionals in Iceland.