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5 places to visit on your bucket list

editor editor- April 1, 2019 21:30

While everyone’s ultimate travel bucket list is different, there are certain destinations that really shouldn’t be missed, from American and Canadian destinations to places around the world, including these. Ireland ... Read More

Beating the winter blues in Puerto Vallarta

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- March 1, 2019 17:10

There’s no shame in looking for a sun-and-beach getaway in Puerto Vallarta and, with a comfortable 70-75 degrees average temperature for the upcoming spring months, it is the ideal place ... Read More

Whale Festival returns to Maui

editor editor- November 24, 2010 02:12

MA'ALAEA, MAUI, Hawaii - To honor the presence of humpback whales in Maui, Pacific Whale Foundation will host its annual Maui Whale Festival from Friday, November 26, 2010 through Sunday, ... Read More

Pacific Whale Foundation researchers launch new study in Australia

editor editor- July 25, 2009 07:22

A team of Pacific Whale Foundation researchers are in Port Douglas, Australia to launch a study that they hope will better define mating and breeding areas of humpback whales along ... Read More

Whale migratory routes more complex than earlier believed

editor editor- June 24, 2009 03:45

MAALAEA (MAUI), HI - Maps showing the migratory routes of humpback whales around Australia often use wide brush strokes to show the whales moving in a simple north-south line between ... Read More

Pacific Whale Foundation publication documents year-round presence of humpback whales in Galapagos Islands

editor editor- June 17, 2009 05:36

Quick, when you think of wildlife in the Galapagos Islands, what comes to mind? Thanks to Charles Darwin’s detailed studies, you may think of tortoises, blue-footed boobies, or finches. Read More

Public invited to book launch celebration honoring new book about Hawaii’s humpback whales

editor editor- January 3, 2009 10:24

MAALAEA (MAUI), HI - A new book about Hawaii's humpback whales - Humpbacks of Hawaii: The Long Journey Back - will be feted during a special evening celebration on Saturday, ... Read More