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China ends travel ban on visitors with HIV and AIDS

BEIJING – China has lifted a two-decade-old ban on people with HIV and AIDS from entering the country, just as it is about to welcome the world to the Shanghai Expo.

DC secures XIX International AIDS Conference for July 2012

On World AIDS Day, local meetings and hospitality industry officials announced that they had secured the XIX International AIDS Conference for Washington, DC.

Obama to lift ban on tourists with HIV

The United States President Barack Obama says he will overturn a 22-year-old law barring foreigners infected with HIV or AIDS from entering the US.

Red flag on sex tourism

A major non-profit, community advocacy group is urging Americans to be "seriously concerned about the explosion of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean".

Resurgent tourism growth sparks female HIV/AIDS infections

After the reeling effects of a 11 year old civil conflict which nearly saw the death of Nepal´s tourism industry, the country in 2008 is quickly surging back to become the world´s number one adventure tourism destination with a robust cumulative 33% growth rate compared to last year, a 24% increase in air arrivals in January 2008, and a multitude of services offered to the tourists.