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Airline crew thwarted China hijack bid

BEIJING - Chinese officials said on Sunday it was the airline crew that thwarted the hijack attempt of an airliner last week, and that all the passengers and crew were safe.Chairman of the Xinjiang regional government, Nur Bekri, didn't elaborate further, saying authorities were investigating "who the attackers were, where were they from, and what's their background".

Pilots expecting tougher security

Pilots expect tougher security on small commuter aircraft under measures due for Cabinet consideration today in response to this month's hijack attempt over the South Island.Some degree of screening of passengers of aircraft with 19 seats or more is possible, although the Board of Airline Representatives says that is not the only way to increase the protection of pilots in their cockpits.

Woman wounds pilots on New Zealand plane

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A knife-wielding woman tried to hijack a regional domestic flight in New Zealand Friday, stabbing both pilots and threatening to blow up the twin-propeller plane before she was subdued, police said.