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New Orleans hotel rates up to 590 percent higher for Super...

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana - Out-of-town football fans who plan to attend the Super Bowl in New Orleans and are on the hunt for a hotel room better prepare themselves for sky-high dollar signs.

Bali tourism screams bloody murder over soaring booze prices

Bali's tourist industry has frequently lodged complaints over the rocketing price of alcoholic beverages, including wine, whiskey and beer sold at hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers.

London hoteliers urged to stop being greedy

LONDON, England - London hoteliers are being urged to keep their rates at reasonable levels during the Olympic Games next summer to avoid a repeat of the disappointing turnouts for Beijing 2008 and th

Are hotel tariffs scaring away inbound tourists?

Mumbai - Travel and tourism industry is worried that the high hotel tariffs in India may see inbound travellers opt for Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and other South East Asian destinations. But key players in the hospitality industry remain unmoved.