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Birders flock to Gujarat

Bird watchers, ornithologists, wildlife photographers, travel writers, tour operators, environmentalists, and researchers from around the world were invited to attend the 2nd Global Bird Watchers’ C

Gujarat Chief Minister rescues tourists held hostage

Intervention by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi helped rescue some 135 tourists in Lakshadweep after they were held hostage by the local people, according to an official spokesman.

Tourism news: India’s Gujarat to develop whale shark tourism

In an effort to develop whale shark tourism on the coast of Gujarat, the state forest department is planning to implement the Australian system of locating them by using plane and expert spotters in t

Experts to study feasibility of whale shark eco-tourism in Gujarat

If everything falls in place, Gujarat coast may emerge as tourist spot for watching whale sharks.

Gujarat all game for tourists

Aero, water and land sports on the anvil. Searching for its identity as a tourist destination, this year Gujarat seems to have set its sights on adventure sports. The Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG), along with Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL), will be developing aero, water and land sports in various parts of the state through private participation.