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Lungarno Collection joins Global Hotel Alliance

Global Hotel Alliance (“GHA”) is delighted to welcome the Lungarno Collection as its latest member, as the rapidly-growing alliance now extends its reach into Italy.

Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts welcomes JurysDoyle Hotel Group to Global...

Singapore – As a founding member of Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts extended its welcome to international Dublin-based JurysDoyle Hotel Group (JurysDoyle).

dusitD2 hotels + resorts = Dusit Lifestyle Collection

Life is a balancing act between old and new, comfort and necessity, what we need and what we desire. dusitD2 is a new concept in balance between tradition and trend, uniting standards that are international with hospitality that is distinctly Thai. The brand extension under the management of Dusit International, boldly experiments with a Southeast Asian flavor of fusion.