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German visitor attacked, injured in Malaysia

IPOH, Malaysia - A German tourist, who had just arrived to Malaysia from Singapore, was assaulted by two men who tried to rob him yesterday morning.

Stranded German tourist rescued from Cape Kidnappers cliff

A German tourist endured nearly two hours perched on a Cape Kidnappers cliff face before a dramatic helicopter rescue yesterday afternoon.

German tourist killed while elephant trekking in Krabi

PHUKET - A German woman has been killed in controversial circumstances in an elephant trekking tragedy in the province of Krabi, not far from Phuket, say police.

Tourist feared to have been eaten by cannibals in French Polynesia

A round-the-world sailor is feared to have been eaten by cannibals during a visit to a South Sea island.

German visitor in Egypt tests negative for E.coli

CAIRO, Egypt - A German tourist suspected of being infected with the deadly E.coli bacteria, has tested negative, according to Mohamed Geneidy, head of the central administration for preventative medi

Travel news: German tourist saved from being buried on Tenerife beach

Spanish firefighters saved a 23-year-old German tourist from being buried alive on a Tenerife beach on Wednesday after a tunnel he built in the sand collapsed.

German tourist finally gets reward for finding Ötzi the Iceman

A German vacationer who discovered a 5,000-year-old ice mummy received a €175,000 ($213,000) reward for her sensational find after a long legal battle, her lawyer said Tuesday.

German tourist arrested in Disney bomb threat

A German tourist has been arrested on charges of making a false bomb threat while visiting Walt Disney World.

German tourist killed in Guatemala

GUATEMALA CITY – A 73-year-old German tourist died at a private hospital in this capital after suffering gunshot wounds during an armed robbery, officials said.

German tourist attacked, stabbed in Melbourne

Detectives have arrested a man over the savage bashing and stabbing of an 18-year-old German tourist in Melbourne's north yesterday morning.

Tourist burns phone booths after losing money to bar girls

Thai police have arrested a 64-year-old German man on charges of setting fire to 11 public phone booths after allegedly losing all his money to Thai bar girls.

Tourist ‘unaware’ of porn on hard drive

A German tourist who was caught with more than 1000 images of child pornography at Melbourne Airport was unaware the files were on his portable hard drive, a court has heard.

Tourist busted tagging glacier

A German tourist has spent a day and a half chipping spraypaint off a world famous glacier after he was caught red-handed defacing the natural wonder.Police in New Zealand said English tourists photographed 28-year-old Munich man Jan Philip Scharbert as he tagged rock walls and even the ice at Franz Josef Glacier on the South Island's west coast last Thursday.

German tourist arrested with child porn

A German tourist is expected to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday after child pornography was allegedly found on his portable hard drive.Customs officers searched the 22-year-old man's luggage on arrival at Melbourne Airport on Sunday, allegedly discovering more than 1,000 images and videos of children engaged in sex acts on the hard drive.