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Eurovision Song Contest in Israel: A terror target for Islamic Jihads?

The Media Line The Media Line- May 5, 2019 05:01

The Eurovision Song Contest, a massively popular annual competition, a major travel and tourism event, is set to take place in Tel Aviv from May 12 to 18. It draws ... Read More

Upsurge in violence makes breaking Israeli-Palestinian deadlock more urgent

editor editor- August 26, 2011 04:21

The recent serious escalation of violence in southern Israel and the Gaza Strip makes it ever more urgent to break the deadlock in the Middle East peace talks, the top ... Read More

Ban calls for more Israeli steps to lift Gaza blockade

editor editor- August 1, 2011 04:26

The Israeli Government needs to take more steps to lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip, particularly to allow the free import of construction materials into the area, Secretary-General Ban ... Read More

Ban supports Greek initiative to send humanitarian aid to Gaza

editor editor- July 5, 2011 04:20

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has voiced support for a Greek Government initiative to use vessels from that country to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip through regular existing channels, in Read More

UN: Gaza gets its own marathon

editor editor- April 11, 2011 01:56

The United Nations agency assisting Palestinian refugees will stage the first-ever marathon in Gaza next month as part of its annual efforts to provide residents of the Strip with recreational ... Read More

UN: Humanitarian crisis in Gaza dire

editor editor- February 11, 2011 03:20

The United Nations agency assisting Palestinian refugees is urging immediate intervention to tackle the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, where the unemployment rate rose to 45 per cent at ... Read More

Jimmy Carter: “Gaza blockade is one of the greatest human rights crimes now existing on Earth”

editor editor- May 26, 2008 10:58

London - Former US president Jimmy Carter on Sunday described Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip as "one of the greatest human rights crimes now existing on Earth." In a ... Read More