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Tag: fuel surcharges

Visiting Paris yesterday: Not really a good idea

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- December 8, 2018 20:52

A huge clean-up operation is currently underway in Paris and started in the early hours Sunday morning after French "yellow vest" demonstrators clashed with riot police in the latest round ... Read More

JAL announces international fare fuel surcharge for October to November 2012

editor editor- August 22, 2012 07:18

TOKYO, Japan - Japan Airlines (JAL) has requested for approval from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) to apply a lower level of fuel surcharges on ... Read More

Tanzania tour operators to impose fuel surcharges

editor editor- March 21, 2011 02:17

ARUSHA, Tanzania (eTN) – Tour operators in Tanzania are considering imposing surcharges on their safari package in response to the rising price of oil triggered by the uprising in North ... Read More

Attorney General: Cruise lines will refund retroactive fuel charges

editor editor- February 5, 2009 02:21

The Florida Attorney General’s Office said two cruise lines have agreed to refund about $3 million to consumers nationwide who were charged fuel surcharges after they booked their cruise. Read More

Malaysia Airlines scraps domestic fuel surcharges

editor editor- January 14, 2009 03:24

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Flag carrier Malaysia Airlines said Tuesday it will scrap fuel surcharges for domestic flights as part of efforts to boost air travel amid an economic slowdown. Read More

Cruise ship company sued over fuel surcharge fees

editor editor- November 7, 2008 03:47

TALLAHASSEE, FL – The Florida Attorney General’s office has filed a lawsuit against a Broward County cruise ship company for failing to adequately disclose fuel surcharge fees. Read More

Virgin Atlantic Airways trims fuel surcharges

editor editor- October 15, 2008 03:07

LONDON - British airline Virgin Atlantic said it has cut its passenger fuel surcharges following the drop in oil prices. Read More

Carnival to get rid of fuel charges, raise fares

editor editor- October 14, 2008 03:08

Carnival Corp., the world's largest cruise operator, said effective Oct. 31 it will eliminate fuel surcharges on new bookings for 2010 at six brands and raise fares instead. Read More

Mergers, fuel surcharges, open skies agreements – debate the future of flying

editor editor- October 3, 2008 01:48

The airline industry continues to generate headline news; the 2008 World Travel Market Airline Program will explore the burning issues in a series of thought-provoking seminar sessions. Read More

Florida investigates cruise line fuel surcharges

editor editor- February 7, 2008 05:06

You're not alone if you're angry about the fuel surcharges cruise lines have begun adding to bills. More than 150 cruisers have filed complaints about the practice with Florida's attorney ... Read More

Airline fuel surcharges fuel distrust

editor editor- January 30, 2008 04:34

LOS ANGELES - The rising cost of oil has triggered increases in airline fuel surcharges, adding more than $350 to the cost of some tickets, it was reported Tuesday. Read More