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Fuel shortage at Entebbe adds to regional aviation woes

ENTEBBE, Uganda (eTN) - Following the repeated power outages at the region’s largest airport in Nairobi news emerged that Entebbe has been suffering from a lack of aviation fuel again last week.

Crippling fuel shortage attributed to hoarding and profiteering

(eTN) - A major fuel crisis has once again made life in Kenya even more difficult, as besides record prizes, motorists now have to drive from station to station to find the precious liquid and then of

Fuel shortages hit Uganda once more

UGANDA (eTN) - "It is the bureaucratic red tape and interventions into the market mechanisms by constantly changing rules and goal posts for procurement and processing of crude oil and fuels by the Ke

Looming fuel shortage in Tanzania

(eTN) - Information received described a worrying trend of a looming fuel shortage in Tanzania due to few new supplies being landed and processed in Dar es Salaam’s port.

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