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Russian airline passenger snaps, goes on rampage, fights with fellow travelers, dies

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- May 24, 2019 17:50

A plane flying from Moscow to Simferopol was forced to return after one of the passengers snapped, assaulting fellow travelers and crew. The rowdy passenger was injured in the rampage ... Read More

Mombasa hit by freak rainstorm

editor editor- July 22, 2010 04:07

(eTN) - A downpour of biblical proportions hit Mombasa, Kenya’s coastal city, last weekend, flooding sections of the city – a phenomenon, considering that the city actually is built on ... Read More

Tourist vehicle in Dar es Salaam in freak accident with light military aircraft

editor editor- July 1, 2010 04:56

(eTN) Information was received late yesterday from Dar es Salaam that an overland tour truck carrying over 20 passengers mainly from Holland and Kenya was hit by a light trainer ... Read More