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Dutch tourist survives 19 days in Spain’s mountains

A tourist missing for 19 days while on a walking holiday in southern Spain has been found alive at the bottom of a ravine in what rescuers described as "a true miracle."

Missing Egyptian artifacts found

(eTN) - Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosny announced today that six missing pieces from the colossal double statue of the 18th Dynasty King Amenhotep III and his wife Queen Tiye, have been discovered a

Loaded gun magazine found on Southwest plane

A federal law enforcement officer mistakenly left a loaded gun magazine that was found Tuesday on a Southwest Airlines plane, officials said.

Travel news: 15 tourists missing in Greenland found

COPENHAGEN — Fifteen adventure tourists who were missing after a storm in eastern Greenland have been found and are apparently safe and sound, police said Wednesday.

Bodies of missing tourists found

The corpses of seven foreign tourists were found in Sa’ada, Yemen Monday. They were part of a group of nine visiting the northern mountain city, and were kidnapped last Thursday.

Air France crash site: First confirmed debris, 2 bodies found

RECIFE, Brazil – Searchers found two bodies and the first confirmed debris — a briefcase containing an Air France Flight 447 ticket — in the Atlantic Ocean near where the jetliner is believed to

2 Atlanta tourists found in dense Puerto Rico rainforest

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Authorities in Puerto Rico have found two tourists from Atlanta who were forced to spend the night in a rainforest after getting lost in El Yunque.

Verified Identity Pass confirms it has found laptop reported missing at...

NEW YORK, NY (August 5, 2008) - Verified Identity Pass, Inc.

Sphinxes avenue and new pyramid found in Egypt

A section of the avenue of sphinxes, known among archaeologists as the avenue associated with the Anubieion and the superstructure of an unidentified pyramid, has been found at Cairo’s Saqqara area, said Farouk Hosni, Egypt’s minister of culture.

Southwest Airlines finds salvation for lost items

DALLAS - Have you ever wondered what happens to the books left in seat-back pockets, the jackets found in the gate area, or the children's toys left onboard the plane? All these items are kept at each airport facility for five days in hopes they will be claimed by their owners, while our Southwest Airlines Baggage Employees act as detectives to hunt down the owners.