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Foreign lovers face great hurdles getting to the USA

Writer Richard Bach once wrote, “If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?” Not if your girlfriend or boyfriend is a foreign citizen – and getting them here is no easy f

US Electronic System for Travel Authorization fee kicks in Wednesday

Planning a trip to the United States? Tuesday is the last day for citizens of some countries to dodge a new travel fee.

DOT grants antitrust immunity to American Airlines, foreign partners

NEW YORK — The Transportation Department has given antitrust immunity to American Airlines and foreign partners, which will let the airlines work together to set fares and schedules across the Atlan

15 years after the war new generation of tourists flocks to...

For decades in the former Yugoslavia, school textbooks had a question to which everyone knew the answer: what is the geographical centre of our homeland? That was simple – Sarajevo.

Travel is about to become more expensive courtesy of Uncle Sam

The cost of travel, an industry that has been impacted in a negative way by fuel prices in recent years, will take a hit from Uncle Sam on Tuesday.

Domestic tourists outnumber foreigners at Indian heritage hotels

PANAJI - Now, domestic tourists are outnumbering foreign travelers with regard to their stay in heritage hotels across India, a heritage hotel body has said.

Thailand pushes local tourism as foreigners stay away

BANGKOK - Thais will do just about anything these days to revive a once-golden tourism industry battered by bloody political protests.

Foreign tourism to Spain takes 8.7% dive

MADRID — Spain suffered a drop in foreign tourists of 8.7 percent last year due to the global economic slowdown, the government said Wednesday, its second straight year of falling visitor numbers.

MP: Domestic tourism is the answer to industry’s woes

Domestic tourism is the answer to the ailing sector in the country, a member of Parliament has suggested.

NZ tourism industry to pass safety tips to visitors

Foreign tourists in New Zealand will be bombarded with basic safety messages this summer because authorities think they don't know how to act in the outdoors.

Foreign tourists drive Fraser Island’s 4WD crash numbers up

An overseas tourist was behind the wheel in almost half the serious four-wheel-drive accidents on Fraser Island beaches between 2003 to 2007, statistics reveal.

Tourists ignorant about travel jabs

British tourists are vague about vaccines needed for foreign travel, according to a poll.

Hotel ratings around the world

Travel is full of surprising, go-with-the-flow moments. But when your advertised-as-luxurious hotel turns out to be a roach motel, that's one nasty surprise most can do without.

“Visit Tuscia Travel Mart” opens to foreign buyers for the first...

The Tuscia tourist patrimony being showcased at the third edition of “Visit Tuscia Travel Mart” will be held at San Martino al Cimino on October 1-4 at the historical Palazzo Doria Pamphili.

Foreign tourism to USA down; Can the Travel Promotion Act save...

The U.S. Department of Commerce has announced that international visitation to the United States is down 10 percent in 2009 compared to the first six months of 2008.

‘Silver Week’ to boost Japan’s domestic, foreign travel

Yukio Hatoyama’s Democratic Party of Japan swept to power last month with the promise to revive the nation’s moribund economy. One way to do so may be to stop people from working so hard.

Japan’s tourism sees 23% drop in July

The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan saw a 23 per cent decline in July, a report by Japan National Tourism Organisation pointed out.

Medical tourism – outsourcing health care?

In an age when more and more aspects of our lives are being outsourced overseas, I guess it's not so surprising that health care has been added to the list.

Why has Travel Promotion Act stalled in the Senate?

The Travel Promotion Act which passed the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008 was presented to the U.S. Senate on May 12, 2009. The Bill (S. 1023) uses landmark legislation to stimulate U.S.

Foreigners being replaced by Spanish tourists in Spain

MADRID — The economic crisis means that Spanish hotels will have more domestic than foreign tourists this summer for the first time in decades, an industry official predicted Friday.

Foreign tourists to be asked to wear face masks

Indonesia is planning to ask all people arriving from Australia and other swine flu-affected countries to wear face masks for at least three days, the health minister says.

Foreign retirees discover Bali

The Indonesian island of Bali is already a long time well-known as one of the best and most exciting tourist destination of the world. The latest piece of

Stay-at-home Britons help stem slide in London visitors

Big falls in international business visitors to London as well as huge drops in US and Japanese tourist numbers were recorded last year as the global economic crisis began to take hold.

Foreign visitors are key boost to South Florida tourism

Travel wholesaler Arturo Armayor surveys South Florida's battered tourism market and finds much to celebrate.

Have illness, will travel

Medical tourism is one of the hottest topics in health care as patients around the world are increasingly traveling abroad for treatment.

United Airlines to disconnect foreign call complaint center

Last week United Airlines confirmed that, come April, it will disconnect the phone line to a foreign call center contracted to field customer complaints and compliments.

Where do national park workers go for a vacation?

TUCSON, AZ - Ever wonder where people who work in national parks go when they take a vacation?

Prague has 7th largest foreign tourist number in Europe

The Czech capital of Prague ranked 7th among European cities in terms of foreign tourist numbers and was one of the twenty most visited cities by foreigners in the world in 2007, according to a chart

American tourists urged to heed travel warnings

WASHINGTON - The terrorist attacks in India, riots in Greece and unrest in other parts of Europe are giving some Americans second thoughts about traveling abroad.