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FlyersRights: Boeing stock finally catching up with reality

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- January 21, 2020 22:08

Boeing stock will continue to be under great pressure due to serious safety problems with the 737 MAX, the 777X, the 787, and even older 737 jetliners, predicts Paul Hudson, ... Read More

FAA sued by FlyersRights over Boeing 737 MAX

editor editor- December 19, 2019 20:52

Supporting a lawsuit filed by FlyersRights against the FAA are 7 aviation experts who declared that they need the Federal Aviation Administration to release technical details to them and other ... Read More

Conclusion on Boeing 737 Max: Boeing bullying FAA to take control of FAA safety certification

editor editor- October 31, 2019 00:37

The Boeing 737 MAX situation is not an aberration. It is the logical result of a corporate strategy to take control of safety certification regulation from the FAA. Boeing chose ... Read More