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Will lithium batteries be next thing banned from commercial flights?

Worried about a possible terrorist strike, American Airlines flight attendants confiscated 58 cell phones, lithium-ion batteries and charging devices from a passenger on a June 23 New York flight to B

Fires cause evacuations in Athens

Tourists and citizens in the vicinity of Athens have been evacuated due to 7 burning fires. Dense smoke and fire is currently hanging over the city.

Tourists evacuating “La Isla Bonita”

La Palma is called “La Isla Bonita,” but these days, a raging wild fire is anything but beautiful.

Tourism Australia urging tourists to continue to visit Victoria

After reports that the global financial slowdown is causing worry in Australia's tourism industry, Tourism Australia is doing everything it can to keep Victorian tourism afloat, particularly after the

Police warn ‘fire tourists’ to stay away

Police in Gippsland in eastern Victoria have issued pleas for people not to drive through fire-affected areas today.

Turkey battles fire near tourist hubs

ANKARA — Strong winds on Sunday hampered around 1,300 firefighters battling to control a major fire sweeping through woodlands on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, officials said.

Kangaroo Island tourism suffering

The state MP representing Kangaroo Island says he is concerned tourists are avoiding the island because they think the recent bushfires have damaged key attractions.Michael Pengilly says accommodation is normally booked out during the holiday period, but operators are reporting a big number of vacancies.He says the island's attractions have not been damaged.