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“Piranha 3D” could take a bite out of Lake Havasu tourism

“Piranha 3D,” out Friday, is set on “Lake Victoria” – a fictional popular tourist destination where spring breakers find themselves attacked by vicious fish.

Are horror stories the best way to promote Arizona tourism?

Perhaps Gov. Jan Brewer misread the invitation and thought she was giving a speech last week before the Governor's Conference on Terrorism . . . not tourism.

Drug wars cost Mexican tourism dearly

CANCUN, Mexico - Fears of drug violence spreading to beaches and colonial towns are driving away tourists and threatening Mexico's crucial tourism industry, already battered by last year's swine flu o

Chaos at European airports brings strike fears to US carriers

US airline executives surveying the chaos at European airports in recent months could be forgiven a dose of complacency.

Fears expressed over environmental protection in Uganda

An expert workshop last week in Kampala, which brought together environmental and conservation specialists and related stakeholders, has ended with expressed fears over the rapid loss of forest cover

Japanese tourists returning to Korea

Japanese tourists are returning to South Korea as worries ease over the spread of the influenza A (H1N1) virus.

Tourist alert: 26/11-like attacks on London feared

LONDON - Terrorists are planning attacks on London's tourist hotspots by sending explosive-laden boats down the Thames river, with an intelligence

Saudi Arabia: E-ticketing – a blessing or a curse?

JEDDAH — Thousands of workers in travel and tourism agencies in the Kingdom fear that they would lose their jobs now that the issuance of paper tickets is no longer an option with airlines worldwide fully shifting to the electronic ticketing system from today. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) will penalize travel agencies that issue paper tickets from June.

Fears of terrorism keeping tourists at home

LAHORE, Pakistan - Despite the last year being declared as Visit Pakistan Year 2007, the country attracted a slightly lower number of tourists as compared to 2006. Terrorism is largely blamed for the lower turnout.