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Colombian tourism minister breaks silence

The United States played a more elaborate role in the events leading up to the rescue this month of 15 high-profile hostages in the Colombian jungle than had been previously acknowledged, including th

Colombia’s Uribe soars after freeing hostages

BOGOTÁ, Colombia - – President Álvaro Uribe is still soaking up the glory of last week's spectacular rescue of 15 high-profile hostages held in the Colombian jungle for years by leftist rebels.

Venezuelan president may negotiate for US hostages

Caracas, Venezuela - President Hugo Chávez said he will try to facilitate the release of three Americans held captive by Colombia's largest rebel group – even though he has lost contact with the guerrillas.

Farc frees four tourists in Colombia

Left-wing Colombian rebels have freed four local tourists kidnapped in January, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.Ana Maria Aldana, Cesar Hoyos, Hernando Martinez and Jose Rodriguez were in good health when turned over in the western province of Choco, near where they were abducted almost two months ago, the Red Cross said.

Chavez is the new peace hero in Colombia

(eTN) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has done it again. He once again helped free Colombian hostages held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Chavez becomes an unlikely key person in Colombia kidnappings

(eTN) - It is Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, not officials from Colombia, who is reaping praises for speaking against last Sunday’s kidnapping of tourists in a remote Pacific Ocean island in Colombia.

Navy says rebels kidnapped 6 Colombian tourists from Pacific island

Bogota, Colombia - Leftist rebel gunmen kidnapped six tourists from a Pacific island, Colombia's navy said Monday, adding to the more than 700 hostages it still holds for ransom or political leverage.The six Colombians taken — including two university professors and a biologist — were among 19 people accosted by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia Sunday afternoon, the navy said.