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Meet 5 new companies battling it out for innovation crown

editor editor- September 11, 2012 06:49

There may be countless travel services and products vying for market share, but there is still plenty of room for innovation. Read More

Slick mobile lessons from a small, design and boutique hotel

editor editor- August 29, 2012 09:43

Understanding your customer inside out, taking lessons from others who have done it well, knowing how much you have to spend, and getting the right technology partner on board are ... Read More

Favorite Online Travel Site Award goes to agoda.com

editor editor- May 17, 2012 05:47

SINGAPORE – Agoda.com, Asia’s leading hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), has won the award for Favorite Online Travel Site at the TravelMole and EyeforTra Read More

Finding ways for the travel industry to bounce back from crises

editor editor- April 17, 2012 08:28

There have been a number of challenges from the external environment that the travel industry has had to keep an eye on over the past 18 months. Read More

Working on mobile offerings as per your customers’ behavior

editor editor- March 31, 2012 07:32

The usage of smartphones by leisure and business travelers is on the rise, and this growth makes the whole talk about mobile product strategy more fascinating. Read More

Carving a niche as a global player in the travel meta-search category

editor editor- March 23, 2012 03:06

At a time when web search giants are getting deeper into the travel meta-search category, Singapore-based Wego is set to expand its business globally with the launch of 34 new ... Read More

Targeting ancillary revenue growth in a feasible way

editor editor- March 8, 2012 10:05

Travel businesses continue to gather customer preferences and have been looking to offer improved personalized features to their travelers. Read More

Sticking to target group’s preferences while improving customer cross and up-sell

editor editor- March 6, 2012 08:04

Travel companies are always advised to stick to their customers’ preferences and being disciplined in how they approach them when it comes to cross-selling and up-selling through the booking process Read More

The future is mobile but it has to be integrated across the business

editor editor- March 3, 2012 04:42

Back in 2005, the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG - www.ichotelsgroup.com) was one of the first hotels to take a booking via a mobile phone. Read More

How travel is getting to grips with new mobile technology and NFC in 2012

editor editor- February 9, 2012 06:28

According to a recent Google whitepaper, the number of mobile users researching travel via their mobile devices is expected to grow 51 percent in 2012. Read More

Most travel brands admit confusion over social, mobile and search strategies

editor editor- November 11, 2011 09:24

A recent EyeforTravel survey of over 500 APAC travel brands, shows that despite 68 perecent of companies claiming to have deployed mobile and social media initiatives, more than half admit ... Read More

Why the travel industry needs to wake up to mobile

editor editor- July 8, 2011 06:13

Sixty-one percent of online travel companies surveyed in a recent global EyeforTravel poll do not have a mobile-friendly website. Seventy-one percent do not have a mobile app. Read More

Using analytics for business goals and getting closer to the customer

editor editor- December 10, 2010 01:37

Predictive analytics is emerging as a critical tool for gaining control over the decisions made on a daily basis and overall for organizations to successfully meet their business goals. Read More

Mobile travel lessons from EyeforTravel

editor editor- October 28, 2010 06:05

Here is a brief round-up of lessons learned and ideas shared at the Eyefortravel Mobile in Travel conference at the Travel Distribution Summit North America 2010 held in Chicago. Read More

Recovery momentum continues for Asia Pacific travel and tourism

editor editor- March 10, 2010 03:46

Amid mounting optimism for a promising year ahead for the Asian travel industry, EyeforTravel’s 6th Travel Distribution Summit Asia in Singapore (April 28-29) will focus on the theme of economic ... Read More

Assessing the impact of the deregulation of fare filing in Japan

editor editor- October 21, 2008 11:48

The expansion of Haneda Airport (HND) for international services and the availability of additional slots at both Narita International Airport (NRT) and HND are considered to be vital developments for Read More

EyeforTravel hosts Beijing 2008 Olympics special

editor editor- August 13, 2008 00:43

The continuing fillip to consumer power, reduction in technology costs and easing of entry barriers are some of the global trends paving the way for new business models including ones ... Read More