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3rd Planet launches journey to Everest on December 10

SINGAPORE - On December 10, 2011, Singaporean company 3rd Planet will be unveiled as the first interactive 3D online travel portal.

First Saudi climbing Everest

SAUDI ARABIA - Farouq Al-Zouman, the Saudi adventurer, succeeded last May in climbing Mount Everest to apply the ecotourism principles "Leave No Trace" when going hiking.

China plans major Everest cleanup next year, may reduce number of...

China is planning a major cleanup operation for Mount Everest next year and may limit the number of climbers and other visitors, Tibet's environmental protection chief was quoted as saying Monday.

China limits tourists, climbers for Everest torch relay

Beijing (dpa) - China is restricting trips by foreign tourists and climbers to Mount Everest before an Olympic torch relay to the summit of the 8,844-metre peak, sources said on Thursday, as pre-Olympic protests against Chinese rule of its Tibet region continue to grow.