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Flood threat prompts Calgary evacuation

CALGARY, Canada - Authorities have ordered the evacuation of central Calgary as flooding has left swathes of the city underwater.

Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance for Travelers at Affordable Pricing

Patrice Shilling, Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Partner for Private JetMD, joins Sandy Dhuyvetter on TravelTalkRADIO to talk about how Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance and Evacuation Serv

Tenerife forest fire reaches the edge of major tourist park

A forest fire raging on the Spanish island of Tenerife reached the edge of a major tourist park on Monday, spewing thick smoke and red sparks.

Two people killed in Fiji floods, tourists evacuated

Two people are dead and tourists have had to be rescued as heavy flooding continues to hammer Fiji's tourist belt.

170 tourists evacuated from HMS Belfast

Nearly 170 visitors have been evacuated from the HMS Belfast after the gangway leading to the tourist attraction collapsed.

Chile evacuates people living near Hudson volcano

SANTIAGO, Chile - Chilean officials ordered the evacuation of people living within 25 miles (40 kilometers) of a rumbling Hudson volcano, after issuing a red alert earlier in the day.

Majorca hotel evecuated after tourist’s death

Nearly 500 holidaymakers have been evacuated from a Spanish hotel after a tourist died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Thai Airways steps up efforts to evacuate stranded tourists

Bangkok, Thailand - Thai Airways stepped up its efforts to evacuate stranded tourists Thursday after deadly flash floods swept through eight provinces in southern Thailand.

Air China evacuates 9000 Chinese from Libya

BEIJING, China - Air China has completed its biggest ever overseas humanitarian mission by evacuating 9,000 Chinese nationals from Libya, which has been suffering from widespread unrest in recent week

Evacuations from coastal areas ordered in Hawaii, Guam

HONOLULU, Hawaii- Due to the threat of a tidal wave set off by Friday's earthquake in Japan, Hawaii ordered evacuations from coastal areas as a tsunami warning was extended to the whole of the Pacific

Never mind unrest, Russian tourists are staying in Egypt

Russia's Federal Tourism Agency on Sunday said that despite violent anti-government protests that have killed at least 100 Egyptians and injured thousands more, prompting foreign tourists to rush to t

5000 tourists forced to flee Ocracoke Island

Five thousand tourists on a holiday island off North Carolina were preparing to board ferries to the mainland today after an evacuation order as hurricane Earl threatened to sideswipe the east coast o

Bomb threat causes Lourdes shrine evacuation

PARIS – Thousands of people, many disabled or ailing, were evacuated from the shrine at Lourdes in southern France after a bomb threat on the Catholic holy day of Assumption.

Aviation news: United plane evacuated at Chicago airport

CHICAGO - A United Airlines flight was evacuated Saturday morning at O'Hare International Airport due to a problem in the plane's cargo area.

United Airlines jet evacuated, 3 injured

Three people were treated for minor injuries after passengers were evacuated from a United Airlines jet at O'Hare International Airport on Wednesday afternoon as crews put out a small fire in the airc

Samos fire that forced evacuation of tourists contained

ATHENS, Greece — Fire Service officials say they have contained a fire on the island of Samos that had forced an evacuation of tourists from a beach resort.

Fires cause evacuations in Athens

Tourists and citizens in the vicinity of Athens have been evacuated due to 7 burning fires. Dense smoke and fire is currently hanging over the city.

Ninety-nine passengers evacuated from Spirit Airlines jet

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Three airline passengers were treated for minor injuries after evacuating from a plane at a Florida airport.

Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull erupts again, hundreds evacuated

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – A volcano under a glacier in Iceland erupted Wednesday for the second time in less than a month, melting ice, spewing smoke and steam, closing a major road and forcing hundreds

Thousands of families evacuated in Rio due to threat of new...

RIO DE JANEIRO -- The threat of new mudslides forced Rio de Janeiro officials to begin removing 2,600 families from at-risk areas Monday and prompted the closure of the trolley ride that leads tourist

Tourists evacuated from Great Barrier Reef

Holidaymakers exploring the Great Barrier Reef are being evacuated from the area as a cyclone heads for the Australian landmark.

Tourists evacuated as cyclone Tomas approaches Fiji

NADI, FIJI - Some hotels on a Fijian resort island have evacuated tourists as a tropical cyclone heads their way.

Cyclone Oli smashes French Polynesia

Hundreds of tourists were taken to emergency centres as severe Cyclone Oli hit French Polynesia this morning. This morning Oli was 250 kilometres south west of Bora Bora and moving south east.

Thousands evacuated as Mayon volcano oozes lava

MANILA, Philippines – Authorities moved thousands of villagers from harm's way near the Philippines' most active volcano Tuesday after it oozed lava and shot plumes of ash, and said they probably wo

Forest fire forces evecuation of tourists in Greece

ATHENS - A forest fire forced the evacuation of about 500 mostly French tourists from a Club Med hotel on the Greek island of Evia on Tuesday, officials said.

Tourists flee Baja California as Hurricane Jimena approaches

Powerful Hurricane Jimena is barreling toward the southern tip of Mexico's Baja, California peninsula, scaring away tourists and forcing authorities to evacuate thousands of reluctant residents from p

Ahwahnee Hotel evacuation forced by rockfall

Geologists are monitoring the cliffs behind Yosemite National Park's majestic Ahwahnee Hotel after tumbling boulders from the Royal Arches formation forced the evacuation of all 300 guests Wednesday.

Typhoon Morakot slams China, Taiwan, 1 million evacuated

Typhoon Morakot has slammed into eastern China, killing a child, destroying hundreds of homes and submerging farmland.

Tourists evacuating “La Isla Bonita”

La Palma is called “La Isla Bonita,” but these days, a raging wild fire is anything but beautiful.

Tire fire forces plane’s emergency evacuation

HOUSTON - Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight were forced to slide down emergency chutes after a tire caught fire as the plane landed in Houston.