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Euro or not, Greece is best-ever value, claims UK tour operator

A UK-based independent tour operator to Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, Olympic Holidays, has claimed that June packages to Greece offer "the best value ever, and reassures travelers that, even if Greece d

Italy and Tunisia closer than ever

ITALY (eTN) - The countries of Italy and Tunisia will sign an agreement for cultural tourism.

With dollar up against euro, Americans flocking to European cruises

PLYMOUTH, Minn. - Specific cruising trends based on data from an annual Travel Trends Survey has been unveiled today.

Robust growth in European and international travel

BERLIN, Germany – Good news for European tourism: despite continuing economic turbulence, European tourism industry figures are up.

Sarkozy: Letting Greece into Eurozone was a mistake

NEW YORK - At long last, European leaders took a significant step forward on the long road toward resolving the eurozone's debt crisis.

How the ongoing economic crises may impact international tourism

Despite the fact that the media have declared that the potential "default" crisis has been solved, tourism professionals would do well to pay careful attention and to analyze the numbers not by headli

Europe at the crossroads

The inauguration of the European currency union over a decade ago was preceded by a long discussion of the need for fiscal probity and economic convergence within the Eurozone.

Switzerland is suffering from euro crisis

(eTN) - Due to the high Swiss franc, tourists are staying away from the Swiss Alps this summer and the entire Swiss tourism industry is facing a novum.

Greece has a silver lining – it is called tourism

Greece’s ongoing multi-level clashes over its economic woes have caught the world’s attention anew.

With euro at four-year low, Russian tourists looking to the skies

The Euro fell to a four-year low against the dollar last week and with a summer in the doldrums looking increasingly likely, Russia’s tourists are looking to the skies while exporters are stuck with

France receives 6% fewer tourists in 2009

France, the world’s most visited country, received 6 percent fewer tourists in 2009 because of the economic crisis and unfavorable currency rates.

Will Euro stand or fall? All eyes on Spain

Greece set off the crisis rattling the euro zone. Spain could determine whether the 16-nation currency stands or falls.

Strong euro boosts Belfast tourism

Belfast’s rich and often troubled history, its maritime tradition and its intriguing Victorian architecture may prove to be a pulling point for many visitors.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau to introduce the “One-Dollar/Euro Super-Value Taiwan Stopover” travel...

TAIPEI, Taiwan - To attract American and European travelers to Taiwan in the face of the current worldwide economic slump, the Tourism Bureau, in cooperation with China Airlines and EVA Airways, is la

Hairdressing ‘tourists’ go North for a bargain

Donegal businesswoman Joanne Rodden drove for three hours on Friday morning through the dark, ice and snow just to get a haircut.

Britain braced for French tourist invasion

The number of French tourists visiting the UK looks set to almost double this year because of favourable exchange rates.

Euro adoption in Slovakia attracting German tourists

Bratislava - Slovakia's entry to the Eurozone increased its attractiveness for Germans, the Slovak Tourism Agency (SACR) has said after the International Tourism Fair CTM in Stuttgart that took place

UK Village offers special euro rate to attract tourists

Historic UK village is offering a one-for-one exchange rate between the Euro and the pound in a bid to attract tourists.

Pound’s flirtation with euro parity hits tourists

LONDON — British tourists going to continental Europe to celebrate the New Year were getting fewer euros for their pounds on Tuesday than at any time since the common European currency's 1999 launch

Italians love Slovenia

Italian travelers are number one on the list as Slovenia’s top foreign visitors for May, new figures released by the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) have revealed.

As the euro reaches record highs against the dollar, American tourists...

As the exchange rate worsens, they're finding they're getting much less bang for their buck. In Spain, tourism associations expect visitor numbers to drop over the next few months as a result. "I went to the bank yesterday around the corner, exchanged six hundred, got three fifty two. I had to ask him: 'Are you sure this is correct?"

Euro causing drop in UK tourists to Greece

Greece expects a big drop in the number of tourists this year from Britain, its most frequent visitors, because of the strong euro, Tourist Minister Aris Spiliotopoulos warned Tuesday.Like other Mediterranean economies with major tourism, Greece was set to suffer from a "financial crisis in Europe" and the euro's strength against the dollar, Spiliotopoulos told journalists.

Greek tourism faces tough ’08 on strong Euro, slow growth

ATHENS - Greece's tourism industry faces a tough 2008 as the strong euro and a slowdown in the global economy threatens to curtail the number of tourist arrivals this year, the head of an industry group said Thursday.

Malta committed to making tourism top in agenda

VALETTA, Malta (eTN) - After being confirmed as the island’s prime minister for another five years, Dr. Lawrence Gonzi has announced that the new cabinet of ministers will include a parliamentary secretary for tourism who will be working within the office of the prime minister.

Malta on the threshold of euro zone

VALETTA, Malta (eTN) - Three years after joining the European Union, Malta and Gozo are poised to enter another interesting epoch in the island’s history, as from January 1, 2008, the smallest member of the EU will also join the euro zone.