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eTN ROAR: The truth about Euro skies

The European Commission found that the average fleet of British Airways is 12.9 years, Lufthansa [is] 11.2 and Etihad Airways is 4.9. It also focused on European Union airlines higher unit costs.

Ryanair: EU acting bizarrely

Ryanair has accused the EU of acting bizarrely and making decisions on a political and not a commercial basis.

UAE tourism to Italy to increase in 2013

ABU DHABI, UAE - The number of tourists from the UAE to Italy is expected to increase this year by 5-7 percent, Santino Adriano Berrino, president of the Italian Tourism Union – Foreign Branch, said

Ukraine streamlines Eurointegration laws

KYIV, Ukraine - Ukrainian parliament has adopted two laws bearing changes that are required by the action plan on visa liberalization with the EU.

New EU regulations on bus and coach passenger rights

SOFIA, Bulgaria - A new European Union regulation on bus and coach passenger rights came into effect on March 1, 2013, providing bus and coach travelers throughout the EU with new rights, the European

German MP: Germany wants to conclude association with Ukraine next year

KYIV, Ukraine - "The European way is wide open for Ukraine and Germany supports it," stated the spokesman on foreign policy for Germany's ruling Free Democratic Party (FDP) Rainer Stinner.

EU takes two steps forward and one step back on emissions...

“A very unexpected but very welcome development, which may now temporarily prevent a full scale trade war” is the response of World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) President and CEO, David Scowsil

African airlines exhale after EU suspends ETS

(eTN) - One of the world’s most contentious regulations, the European Union’s Emission Trading Scheme, has been suspended for foreign airlines flying into EU airspace, at least until September nex

Iran to ban its tourists from visiting European Union countries

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's parliament plans to ban Iranian tourists from visiting European Union countries as a counter-measure for EU sanctions against the Islamic state, state media reported Wednesday.

European Union expands punishing sanctions on Iran

NEW YORK, NY - The 27-member state EU adopted today additional sanctions that step up the already punishing measures against Iran's banking and energy sectors.

SWITCH Asia sponsors hoteliers to visit WTM in London

One of the key aspects of the ongoing EU SWITCH-Asia Greening Sri Lanka Hotels Project is to publicize the good work done by Sri Lankan hotels internationally towards energy and environmental conserva

Carbon tax talks between China and European Union stall

Beijing remains firm on its stance of settling the carbon tax dispute with the European Union through a multilateral approach, a Chinese official said.

IATA chief: EU bans on African carriers a misguided approach

Airlines have urged Western governments to do more to improve safety in Africa, and accused the European Union of failing to grasp the continent’s needs by banning dozens of carriers.

ETS comes under more pressure

(eTN) - While some countries appear to have been quietly threatening the EU to block any agreements in upcoming climate talks to show their active disagreement to EU negotiators, should Brussels not r

Emissions Trading Scheme comes under more fire

(eTN) - The European Union’s stubborn insistence of sticking to their hugely controversial Emissions Trading Scheme, or in short ETS, has raised opposition from literally around the world, paving th

The truth between the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and ICAO

The EU says, we are only pushing the EU Emissions Trading Scheme now because we have waited ten years for ICAO action.

Minister says suspend EU ETS for two years

Keynote address by Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk, South Africa, at the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) Aviation & Environment Summit 2012 in Geneva, March 21, 2012:

China axes Airbus orders to bully EU over airline emission tax

China has suspended the purchase of 10 more Airbus long-haul jets, raising the stakes in a row with the EU over an airline emission tax, two people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

EU weighs in with call for due process in the Maldives...

The President of the International Council of Tourism Partners (

WTTC head calls for EU to delay emissions trading scheme

Europe must not go it alone on aviation emissions trading; instead a global solution should be found, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has today told the European Union.

IATA urges EU to rethink aviation policies

BRUSSELS, Belgium - The International Air Transport Association

China bans its carriers from EU Emissions Trading Scheme

China has "banned" all airlines in the country from joining the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) aimed at cutting carbon emissions.

Turkey: the key to Europe’s future

(eTN) - The EU is Turkey’s number one trade partner, with Turkish exports and imports between 46 to 39 percent.

New EU sanctions target sources of finance for Iranian nuclear program

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Given the EU's serious and deepening concerns over the Iranian nuclear program, the Council today broadened the EU's restrictive measures against that country.

AFRAA joins Chinese and American Airlines to oppose the EU’s emission...

(eTN) - Although several key African airlines have complied with the EU Emission Trading Scheme, and at a very substantial cost, the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) has now taken up the matter on

Airlines snapping up EU emission allowances at bargain prices

LONDON, England - Some major carriers are taking advantage of EU carbon law by grabbing emission allowances at bargain prices, shoring up demand in a market that saw prices cut in half last year.

IATA reacts cautiously to EU Airports Package

GENEVA, Switzerland - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reacted cautiously to today’s publication of the European Commission’s Airport Package of legislation which is aimed at ad

European Parliament supports integration of Ukrainian and European economies

KYIV, Ukraine - Both parties of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement could benefit from integration of Ukrainian economy into the European one, according to the MEP Pavel Zalevsky.

UK to sue EU over “benefit tourism”

The Government will take unprecedented legal action against the EU to prevent ‘benefit tourists’ from the Ukraine and north African countries coming to Britain to collect benefits without working.

First joint EU-US cyber security exercise conducted today

BRUSSELS, Belgium and HERAKLION, Greece - The first joint cyber security exercise between the European Union (EU) and United States (US) is being held today (3rd Nov.) in Brussels, with the support of