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Qatar Airways lights up Empire State Building in burgundy

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- December 18, 2019 19:01

Qatar Airways will add a splash of burgundy to the New York City skyline in honor of Qatar National Day. Traditionally celebrated on September 3, the National Day festivities were ... Read More

Hamburg: Elbphilharmonie 10 millionth visitor

Dmytro Makarov Dmytro Makarov- June 10, 2019 18:13

The Elbphilharmonie Hamburg has reached the 10 million mark in the number of visitors. The publicly accessible viewing-platform with stunning views over Hamburg and its port was opened in November ... Read More

How safe is travel to Africa? African Tourism Board appoints SaferTourism

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- April 8, 2019 12:14

African Tourism Board, (ATB)  has travel and security on its top agenda when attracting visitors to the continent. At the upcoming ATB Launch on April 11, the organization will be announcing ... Read More

African Tourism Board tackles visitor surety to keep Africa safe for visitors

editor editor- March 25, 2019 20:46

The official launch of the newly-founded African Tourism Board is only two weeks away, and the U.S.-based interim Chairman Juergen T. Steinmetz explained the organization's commitment to keep Africa safe ... Read More

‘Huge loss’: New York City’s iconic tourist landmark to be sold for $150 million

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- March 9, 2019 19:15

Once the tallest building in the world, New York’s landmark Chrysler Building will be sold for a fraction of the price it was purchased for, according to media reports citing ... Read More

Iconic New York City skyscraper is looking for buyer

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- January 9, 2019 22:57

The owners of the Chrysler Building in New York are planning to sell the skyscraper, according news reports. But this may not be easy, since this symbol of Manhattan was ... Read More

World’s most famous office building launches annual photo contest

editor editor- May 24, 2013 04:59

NEW YORK, NY - Today, the Empire State Building (ESB) launched its annual "My Empire State Building" photo contest, offering photographers of all levels the opportunity to submit images of ... Read More

Empire State Building shooting won’t scare visitors away

editor editor- August 27, 2012 07:33

Within hours of Friday's wild gun battle near the Empire State Building, New York City's top leaders sought to reassure legions of tourists and the city's 8.3 million residents. Read More

Empire State Building unveils new documentary-style exhibit on 80th floor

editor editor- July 19, 2011 06:31

NEW YORK - In its 80th anniversary year, the Empire State Building today unveiled a new, permanent exhibit that captures the global icon's astonishing history, engineering and construction. Read More

The Empire State Building to celebrate 80th anniversary on May 1, 2011

editor editor- April 29, 2011 05:42

NEW YORK - The Empire State Building (ESB), the world's most famous office building, will celebrate its 80th anniversary on Sunday, May 1, 2011. Read More

Empire State Building launches newly designed web site

editor editor- December 7, 2010 03:44

NEW YORK - Today, the Empire State Building announced the launch of its newly designed Web site, www.esbnyc.com. Read More

Malkin: No rivals for Empire State Building!

editor editor- August 25, 2010 05:13

NEW YORK – Look at Manhattan from afar, and the first thing you notice is the Empire State Building, spiking like a needle above the carpet of skyscrapers that coats ... Read More