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Antarctic eco-tourism spiked in past decade

Prime Minister John Key heads to the ice this week to inspect New Zealand's activities, joining more than 50,000 people who now visit the frozen continent every year as part of a surge in 'responsible

SCTA President inaugurates Leave No Trace website

His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President of SCTA (Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities), inaugurated the website of the "Leave No Trace" program on Sunday, October

Seychelles promotes eco-island tourism

Eco is the buzz word in world tourism travels, and expectations are intensifying on destinations expected to be considered serious in that area.

Seychelles demonstrates commitment to protected areas and eco-tourism

Following the Rio Conference held in June in Brazil, where at the Head of States side event, “Leaders Valuing Nature: A Celebration of Commitments,” organized by GLISPA, the Global Island Partners

Kerala to introduce more facilities for eco-tourists at Arippa forests

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India - Kerala government plans to introduce more facilities for tourists at the scenic Arippa forests in the Western Ghats where travellers get a glimpse of wildlife and a unique

Pesky eco-tourists stress orangutans

Hong Kong - Gorillas put off their food and stressed out orangutans, could nature tourism be bad for wild animals' health?

TEATA: Thai tour operators pay little attention to eco-tourism

The growth of eco-tourism in Thailand is still limited to a small number of green operators and few concerns about protecting nature, says the Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA).

Top 10 emerging destinations for green and sustainable travel

Vienna, VA – List of top 10 emerging eco destinations as the next “best bets” to take folks off the sometimes beaten green path.

Malaysia has emerged as a leading eco-tourism haven

“Going green” is a phenomenon that has been permeating in all aspects of life – including travel.

Nelson Alcantara launches Project Ilocandia

Six lucky eco-tourists/adventure travelers will be given an opportunity to be hosted by eTN editor-in-chief Nelson Alcantara for the first-ever Project Ilocandia tour.

Put your game face on and head to Wild Jordan

Jordan has unveiled a formidable ecotourism option to its growing list of diverse travel and tourism products.

Trinidad & Tobago: Tourist beware, caution required on beaches

You often read in the press of incidents happening in places where you think you would be free of such.

Experts to study feasibility of whale shark eco-tourism in Gujarat

If everything falls in place, Gujarat coast may emerge as tourist spot for watching whale sharks.

Queensland government to establish eco-tourism operations

LOW-impact holiday accommodation will be built in or adjacent to seven national parks in Queensland under a State Government plan to boost eco-tourism.

Is it possible to be an eco-friendly tourist?

When you see some of the holidays masquerading as ecotourism you'd be forgiven for thinking the term "greenwash" was invented for the tourism industry. Oh, it was.

Eco-tourism project team visits Tanji Bird Reserve

The Tanji Bird Reserve got a visit from the project coordinating committee members and stakeholders of the eco-tourism project last Thursday.

Costa Rica focusing on eco-tourism to weather the economic storm

eTN: How is the current situation when it comes to tourism in Costa Rica?

Cuba: Eco-tourism is the future

BOCA DE GUAMA, Cuba — Crocodile 0383 is too tiny to be menacing.

Eco-tourism in Bali gets its much-deserved time in the spotlight

Eco-tourism is a modern niche market product, which will grow even in the wake of the global financial crisis.

Dominican Republic Minister of Tourism presents eco-tourism and infrastructure developments

The Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE) held in Punta Cana from April 20-22 drew international tourism buyers and media to the Dominican Republic (DR), the Caribbean's "It" destination for natura

Eco-tourism adventures in Asia

Koh Chang is one of the best places for a little adventure promoting eco-tourism, as it is richly abundant in nature.

Jordan lures eco-tourists with waterfalls, canyons

DANA, Jordan—A trek uphill from Jordan's scorching Dead Sea shore through the towering sandstone walls of the Mujib gorge leaves you with a pulse-racing way to get back down—strap into a harness a

Portugal aims to foster tourism responsibility

Can travel do any good aside from the great time we have doing it? Well, yes. Many travelers in these uncertain times look for ways they can do good along the way.

Israel tackles a big one

In eco-tourism, that is. Israel’s Ministry of Tourism (IMOT) has said it has embarked on “one of the world's most dramatic ‘eco-friendly’ initiatives.”

69th Skal World Congress opens in Taipei, Taiwan

The 7th Annual Skål International Ecotourism Awards were presented by the president of Skål International, Phillip Sims and vice president, Media and Public Relations, Hulya Aslantas in the presence

Eco-tourism still damaging wildlife irreversibly

WASHINGTON - Nature lovers and eco-tourists might be damaging wildlife irreversibly even if they restrict their activities to tiptoeing discreetly through the undergrowth, a study by experts warned.

Lebanon’s eco-tourism dream survives crisis

KFAR ZABAD, Lebanon — A decade ago, it was a glittering vision -- a scheme to lure nature lovers to the Lebanese highlands, providing income to local people, nurturing the country's damaged environm

Ecotourism, wildlife conservation to be Malaysia’s main thrust, says incoming tourism...

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (eTN) – Malaysia’s new tourism minister, Azlina Othman, is wasting no time to spell out her new vision for Malaysia's tourism industry. To her, the future is in ecotourism.

Cambodia develops cultural heritage and eco-tourism

PHNOM PEHN, Cambodia (eTN) - In recent years, the government of Cambodia has given priority to the development of the country’s tourism industry, focusing on cultural and eco-tourism in order to promote the advancement of national economy and rapid poverty alleviation.

Eco-tourism transforms former prison

Once a prison for Vietnamese patriots during French domination, Con Dao National Park is now a top tourist destination. When most Vietnamese think of Con Dao Island, they think of prison. And for some 100 years that is what it was, but now people are beginning to recognise island as something very different: a hot-spot for eco-tourism.