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Mexican Caribbean revolutionizes tourism through sustainable initiatives

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- May 28, 2019 18:55

Boasting turquoise waters, lush wild jungle and historic Mayan architecture, the Mexican Caribbean has implemented revolutionary sustainable practices to maintain those natural riches, now reflected in the third annual Sustainable ... Read More

Maritime security the Seychelles way

Alain St.Ange Alain St.Ange- May 25, 2019 02:42

Africa’s smallest nation is setting a standard for safe sustainable seas through the prosecution of pirates, international maritime cooperation, and proactive measures to protect its exclusive economic zone. As the ... Read More

Sri Lanka still safe for tourists? Heartfelt plea by Jetwing Hotels Chairman Shiromal Cooray

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- April 25, 2019 23:15

Sri Lanka Tourism is actually open for business: There is no threat to the overall safety of visitors. This is the latest message released by Sri Lanka Tourism officials and ... Read More

Driving in the 10 most-visited cities in Mauritius

editor editor- April 12, 2019 22:18

While there are many ways to get around Mauritius, car rentals remain a popular option. From visits to quant villages to coastal drives, to visiting cultural attractions and, of course, ... Read More

Beating the winter blues in Puerto Vallarta

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- March 1, 2019 17:10

There’s no shame in looking for a sun-and-beach getaway in Puerto Vallarta and, with a comfortable 70-75 degrees average temperature for the upcoming spring months, it is the ideal place ... Read More

First luxury ‘eco-conscious’ resort opens on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- December 13, 2018 14:08

Jumeirah Group today announces the opening of Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort, the group's first luxury "eco-conscious" Resort, nestled on the pristine shores of Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. The luxury ... Read More

Solomon Islands savages slaughter over 1000 dolphins

editor editor- January 31, 2013 09:01

More than 1,000 dolphins have been slaughtered in the Solomon Islands in the past few weeks because of a dispute between villagers and an American conservation group which had been ... Read More

Taste the adventure in Guam

editor editor- August 10, 2012 09:09

Tired of filling your downtime doing the same old same old? A little taste of adventure is sure to spice things up. The good news? Read More

Wild Dolphin Days commemorates 10th anniversary of landmark Maui county anti-captivity law

editor editor- July 21, 2012 02:52

MA'ALAEA, Maui, Hawaii - Wild Dolphin Days, an annual event celebrating the wild dolphins of Maui County, will be held on Saturday, August 11, and Sunday, August 12. Read More

Wild Dolphin Days coming to Maui

editor editor- July 29, 2011 07:45

MA'ALAEA, MAUI, Hawaii - Wild Dolphin Days, an annual event celebrating the wild dolphins of Maui County, will be held on Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14. Read More

Up close with the dolphins

editor editor- July 14, 2010 02:55

(eTN) You may have watched dolphin shows, but this is different as you hug, kiss, dance, and play with the dolphins. Read More

Tourists putting dolphins at risk in Zanzibar

editor editor- March 18, 2010 05:11

A study of bottlenose dolphins living off the coast of Zanzibar has found that the many tourist boats operating in the area are harassing the animals, preventing them from resting, ... Read More

American tourist dies on a dolphin-watching trip in Tory Channel

editor editor- October 21, 2009 04:04

Desperate attempts to revive an American tourist proved fruitless after she was found floating lifelessly while swimming with dolphins in the Marlborough Sounds. Read More

Blind visitor not allowed to swim with dolphins

editor editor- August 26, 2009 05:50

HONOLULU - A blind tourist seeking adventure at Sea Life Park in Hawaii said she instead found disappointment and a dashed dream. Read More

Tourists may be watching dolphins ‘to death’

editor editor- September 18, 2008 04:21

Researchers fear tourists to Australia's dolphin-watching capital could be loving the popular marine mammals to death. Read More