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Queensland is more cruisy than ever

Queensland is more cruisy than ever and there's a good dollar in it for regional areas from Townsville and the Whitsundays south to Brisbane.

Stretch your vacation dollars in the Greek Islands

LIBERTYVILLE, IL - With both the euro and the Greek economy in the pits, this is the year for an affordable trip to the Greek Islands.

Iraq hopes Babylon ruins translate into tourist dollars

The tunnel stank, yet I could scarcely keep from leaping into it after my guide said, “You are now standing on the ruins of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.”

Tourist dollars saying arrivederci to Italy

The global economic downturn is hitting Italy's most important industry hard.

Tourists spent $13.3 Billion in Mexico in 2008

Foreign tourists spent $13.3 billion in Mexico last year, an increase of 3.4 percent compared with 2007.

Venezuelan “currency tourists” grab cheap dollars

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao - Flights from Venezuela to nearby countries are packed with travelers clutching credit cards and looking to make fast bucks under rules resident Hugo Chavez introduced to prevent

China tourists, dollars could charm, alarm Taiwan

TAIPEI - Two decades after letting its people and companies go to China, Taiwan is opening itself to Chinese investors and visitors -- a move that could carry big economic dividends but also one fraug

Tourists should take dollars to Olympics

Tourists heading off to the Olympic Games in Beijing, China next week have been urged to take additional funds in US dollars.

Deals in dollars

Here's a bright spot in the sad traveler's tale of the ever-weak dollar.

China tourists drop $1.3 mln in Taiwan

TAIPEI - Chinese tourists who just finished a historic trip to Taiwan, which normally bans them for security reasons, spent about T$40 million ($1.3 million), a perk for the island's sagging economy,

Corporate America embracing LGBT customers, travel dollars

Major corporations and countries are vying to tap into the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travel market --what experts are now calling a $65 billion industry. And that $65 billion is an annual number and just in the United States.

Famous bar helps out hard-up American tourists

A bar in Venice that is renowned for hosting famous visitors in the past is helping out its modern American patrons with 20% discounts. Harry's Bar near the famous St Mark's Square was a popular watering hole with Orson Welles, Truman Capote and, most famously, Ernest Hemingway.

“…I might withdraw 300 Euros, that is $500. It is just...

The dollar's sharp drop on currency markets, along with economic doldrums in the United States are taking their toll on American tourists and expatriates overseas. Even Paris has seen a 10 percent decline in its number-one foreign visitor.

Travel agents to price tickets, vacations in shekels

The Tourism and Travel Agents Association plans to price plane tickets and vacation packages in shekels rather than in US dollars, due to the greenback's instability. The change requires government approval. There was sufficient support in the Knesset to pass the initiative, association chairman Kobi Karni said Monday in Eilat.