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Update on Air Canada flight delays and cancellations

MONTREAL, March 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Although Air Canada ground handling employees at Toronto and Montreal international airports have returned to work following an illegal work stoppage this morni

UK Border Agency: Passengers should expect delays at the border

UK Border Agency has informed British Airports Authority, which runs Heathrow, Stansted, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton airports that arriving passengers should expect delays at the UK b

0 tarmac delays of over 3 hours in October

NAPA, Calif. - Today newly released data from Department of Transportation clearly demonstrates significant success for the DOT's 3 hour tarmac rule, enacted April 29, 2010.

Air India grappling with major baggage issues

NEW DELHI - With Air India set to shift its entire domestic operations to Terminal 3 on November 11, the airline is still grappling with major baggage handling issues even as it called in 100 extra st

DOT: Tarmac delays down, cancellations, complaints up

NEW YORK - The number of tarmac delays among scheduled flights that exceeded three hours fell sharply in July from a year ago while cancellations rose modestly, the Department of Transportation said M

Carriers predict delays, waive change fees due to Hurricane Earl

U.S. airlines are warning passengers flying along the East Coast from Maine to Asheville, N.C., over the next few days that they may face weather delays related to hurricane Earl.

Middle East air traffic sees congestion and flight delays

DUBAI, UAE - According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Middle Eastern airlines saw an increase in demand of passengers by 16.8 percent in July year-on-year and by 19.4 percent o

Airport news: US tarmac delays plunge from 268 to 3

Airline flights stuck on tarmacs for more than three hours fell to three in June, the second month of a rule that fines carriers for such delays, from 268 a year ago, according to a U.S. report.

US Aviation news: Tarmac delays fell 86% as new rule took...

U.S. airline flights stuck for at least three hours on airport tarmacs fell 86 percent in May, the first full month of a rule that subjects carriers to fines for such delays.

Virgin America’s CEO: JFK “metering scheme” will be extended through the...

A scheme to limit runway delays at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport will be extended through the summer, according to the head of Virgin America Inc.

Greece offers compensation to tourists stranded by strikes

ATHENS — Greece offered to compensate tourists stranded by labour unrest ahead of a new travel strike Tuesday as unions stepped up their assault against government austerity cuts.

US winter storms continue to cause flight delays and cancellations

More winter weather is headed to the mid-Atlantic, midwest, and northeast, bringing even more snow to the already deluged areas.

3-hour limit on tarmac delays imposed by the government

WASHINGTON — Stinky toilets, crying babies, airless cabins — the Obama administration said Monday passengers don't have to take it any more.

Two airlines get bomb hoaxes to delay flights

What's crazier than one passenger calling in a bomb threat to delay a flight? Having two different passengers calling in bomb threats to delay two separate flights a world away from each other.

European court says EU airlines must compensate passengers for delays

A European court today handed down a decision that will require airlines in the European Union to compensate passengers of mass delays for which they are responsible.

Dreamliner turning into Boeing’s nightmare

When Boeing Co. unveiled plans to build the 787 Dreamliner, the aircraft was touted as revolutionary, a major technological shift in the way a plane is made and in the way it operates.

More air travel misery on the way

NEW YORK - If you think flying is a miserable experience now, just wait until 2010.

Vietnam Airlines not happy about Boeing’s constant delays

PARIS - The head of Vietnam Airlines expressed concern on Monday about production delays to Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and said the group had not made up its mind whether to cancel any of the 16 aircraft

What are the odds your flight will be delayed? Depends on...

We all know the drill: you show up at the airport with plenty of time to spare, only to discover that your flight’s been delayed and now you have hours to kill.

United flights at O’Hare delayed by computer glitch

CHICAGO — A computer problem grounded all United Airlines flights at O'Hare International Airport Thursday, causing long delays and lines for travelers headed out for the Fourth of July holiday week

American Airlines details Boeing plane delays

American Airlines said it will receive seven fewer 737-800 airplanes from Boeing Co.

Flight cuts trim airlines’ tardiness

U.S. airlines appear to have found the cure for chronic delays: operating fewer flights.

Virgin Trains to work over the weekend to handle compensation claims

LONDON - Virgin Trains has drafted in extra staff this weekend to handle compensation claims following a spate of delays and cancellations caused by problems with Network Rail's infrastructure on the

Unhappy airline travel: Qantas delays thanks to wandering passengers

Flying 'roo Qantas can't catch a break at the moment.

Airline industry: Bush administration’s plan to auction off flight slots is...

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers are fighting the Bush administration's plan to combat flight delays by experimenting with New York City airspace. The federal Aviation Administration came under withering criticism Wednesday morning at a hearing about the agency's plan to auction off some flight slots at New York's three major airports.

A congressional committee says flight delays cost $12B to passengers, $19B...

NEW YORK - Domestic flight delays cost the industry and passengers $40.7 billion in 2007, according to the Joint Economic Committee from the House and Senate, which released a report Thursday. As part of this overall cost from the delays, passengers lost an estimated $12 billion worth of time that would otherwise have been spent on business and play, said the committee report.

New A380 delays could impact SIA, airline says

SINGAPORE - Delays announced on Tuesday in delivery of the Airbus A380 could have an impact on Singapore Airlines (SIA), the first carrier to fly the superjumbo, SIA said. SIA has already received four of the planes and a fifth is expected to be delivered by early July, an SIA spokesman said.

Almost 30 pct of US flights failed to arrive on time

WASHINGTON - Nearly 30 percent of domestic flights were late or canceled in March, more bad news for an industry plagued with safety concerns and buckling under record fuel costs.