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New Zealand’s tourist spending hits 12-year low

The high New Zealand dollar has been partly blamed for a sharp dip in international visitor spending to its lowest level since 2001.

Foreign tourist arrivals to Kerala plummet

KOTTAYAM, India - A sharp decline in arrival of foreign tourists to Kerala is causing concern in the tourism industry. The declining trend that started a few years ago continues unabated.

Number of Chinese visitors to Vietnam drops

HANOI, Vietnam - The number of Chinese tourists visiting Vietnam in the January-August period dropped by 9.7% from the same period last year, and arrivals from this source market are forecast to remai

Fare war with Virgin Australia takes toll on Qantas’ yield

Qantas has suffered its first monthly decline in yields from both its domestic and international operations in more than two years, in a further sign of the impact of a fare war with Virgin Australia.

Egyptian tourism plunges 32 percent in 2011

The number of tourists who visited Egypt in 2011 was one-third less than in 2010, Egypt's Tourism Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour said on Thursday.

Tunisia: “Revolution” over, economy battered, tourism down 40 percent

TUNIS, Tunisia - After a year featuring regime collapse, cabinet reshuffles, strikes, a tourism drop-off and a degree of instability, the state of Tunisia's economy could be worse, economists said.

Jordan Baptism site tourism revenues down by 30 percent

AMMAN, Jordan - Tourism revenues from the Baptism site in 2011 declined by 30 percent compared to last year standing at JD1.1 million, according to Director General of the Baptism Commission Dia' Mada

Egypt’s tourism today is a shadow of what it once was

It's one of the greatest tourist attractions on earth. Fantastic shades of multi-colour illuminate the awesome pyramids dominating the Egyptian night sky to the delight of tourists.

US travel abroad declined in 2010

The overall U.S. outbound market totaled 60.3 million in 2010, down two percent compared to 2009.

Egypt’s tourism in dire straits

The newly launched Al-Hambra cruise ship sailed only twice on the Nile before President Hosni Mubarak was toppled in February and has been docked since then on the banks of the river, its plush fittin

Regional unrest slows down Petra’s tourism

PETRA, Jordan // Business is slow at the Indiana Jones Snack Shop near the main entrance to the ancient site of Petra, once described by the BBC as "one of the 40 places you have to visit before you d

George Town cruise arrival numbers worst in decade

Although government was celebrating improvements in stay over tourism this week, the cruise passenger statistics released by the DoT paint a very different picture.

Cayman Islands cruise arrivals continue to dwindle

Statistics from the Department of Tourism reveal cruise passenger arrivals continued to drop this summer as had been predicted by the tourism industry as a result of the cruise lines sending their new

Debt crisis may shrink inbound tourism to India

NEW DELHI, India - The ongoing debt crisis in the US and Europe is expected to impact inbound tourism into India this season, according to hoteliers and travel companies.

New Zealand tourism down 6.5 percent

Disruptive events such as the Christchurch earthquake and Chilean ash cloud have not caused as large a fall in tourism spending as might have been feared, the Ministry of Economic Development says.

Fewer Arab tourists come to Egypt

The number of Arab tourists who visited Egypt in the first half of 2011 dropped by 15.3 percent compared to the previous year, a tourism official said Monday.

Number of North American tourists to Costa Rica shrinks

Over the last six years the percentage of North American tourists in Costa Rica has declined, new figures show. However the percentage of visitors from Central and South America has increased.

Tunisia’s tourism revenues plunge 50 percent

Dubai - Tunisia's tourism revenues dropped 50 per cent from January to May following the revolution of January 14, a Tunisian government official has revealed.

Egypt’s tourism takes a dive

The number of tourists arriving in Egypt fell by 45.7 percent to nearly 1.9 million between January and March of this year, according to a government report issued by the Central Agency for Public Mob

Tanzania’s global tourism ranking declines sharply

Dar es Salaam - Tanzania’s global ranking in travel tourism competitiveness has fallen by 12 places, even as the industry recovers from the economic downturn.It is an indication that there is a nee

UN: Asylum-seeker numbers drop 50 percent

The number of asylum-seekers seeking to live in the industrialized world continues to fall and is now almost half the level it was a decade ago, the United Nations refugee agency reported today as it

Tanzanian park struggles to draw visitors

Katavi, Tanzania — Only 2,350 tourists who included 1,050 residents and 150 expatriates visited Katavi National Park during 2009/10 fiscal year, which was far below by more than half of the target.

Goa tourism hurt by high air fares

The high air fares hit tourism in Goa during Christmas and New Year, trade sources said on Monday.

Yemeni tourism plunges due to Al-Qaida attacks, separatists

SANAA - Yemeni tourism declined dramatically, particularly in southern troubled provinces, where government troops engaged in deadly clashes with growing armed separatist groups and separately fightin

Ryanair remains cautious about the future after 24% profit decline

LONDON - Ryanair Holdings PLC Tuesday said it remains cautious about the future as it posted a 24% decline in first-quarter net profit after it was forced to ground flights due to volcanic ash clouds

Destination news: Arizona tourist numbers down

TUCSON - The slumping economy and fears of swine flu kept tourists away from Arizona in 2009, according to state tourism officials.

Luxury air travel grounded by economic downturn

Hi-end boutique airlines have fallen from the sky, business travelers are bargain hunting online and most folks seated in the front of the plane have paid only for the back, experts say.

Tourism to Washington, D.C. declines

The District saw declines in tourism visitation and spending in 2009, though early projections this spring show that the city could be poised for a turnaround this year.

Avis car rental company reports loss for first quarter 2010

Avis Budget Group, Inc. reported today the results for its first quarter, which ended March 31, 2010. The company's revenue decreased by 3 percent, the equivalent of US$1.2 billion.