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Weak rupee hinders Indian tourism to China

CHENGDU, China - The number of Indian tourists visiting mainland China, the world's third largest tourist destination with 135 million inbound travelers last year, is expected to rise only marginally

Euro chaos: Should I stay or should I go?

In the last decade of the 20th century, the Turkish lira fell in value 1,000 times against the U.S.

Super-complaint about travel currency ‘rip-off’ launched in UK

Holiday-makers are ripped off every time they take out foreign currency or spend abroad, according to watchdog Consumer Focus.

Uganda: Devaluation – while tourists smile the locals cry

UGANDA (eTN) - When the Uganda Shilling hit a record low of 2.500 versus one US Dollar over the weekend, foreign visitors had reason to smile for getting a lot more out of their hard currency transact

Soaring franc scares Swiss tourism

While the Swiss tourism industry is happy about recent dumps of snow, the strong franc and comparatively weak euro are a worry.

South African police warns tourists about counterfeit R200 notes

Tourists visiting the country during the World Cup period have been warned not to fall prey to people offering them currency conversions through the black market, police said on Monday.

Record number of foreign tourists in Iceland 2009

Iceland, in spite of challenging worldwide economic times, experienced yet another record year in arrivals in 2009.

Tourists flock to crisis-stricken Iceland

REYKJAVIK — With Iceland's economic meltdown sending its currency into freefall, tourists who saw this remote North Atlantic island as prohibitively expensive are now flocking to its dramatic volcan

End of the tourism boom?

U.S. cities enjoyed a tourism boom in recent years, thanks to the plunging value of the dollar. But as U.S. currency regains its strength and economies around the world falter, will U.S.

Easy money for Caracas tourists

Leonardo Camacho, a committed capitalist, has little time for the socialist ideals espoused by President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela. But even for him, the "Bolivarian revolution" has some redeeming features.