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Sensitization workshop conducted by Seychelles Tourism Academy

Twenty-five PSE teachers from secondary schools are now better updated on the different courses being offered by the Seychelles Tourism Academy, the institution’s code of conduct, examination criter

Recipe for social media: stir in language, culture, religion and humor

Skyscanner takes its growing multinational presence very seriously, and social media plays a big part in this.

Beijing culture threatened by modernization

BEIJING, China - Beijing is a city where history and culture are almost tangible. They sprout, grow and bloom in unexpected places, around glittering new skyscrapers, in subway tunnels and in parks.

Colombia: A rising tourism destination

More companies than ever are selling Colombia as a travel product.

Crystal Cruises expands Jewish culture exploration in 2011

HONG KONG – With increased participation in Jewish heritage tours, luxury seafarer Crystal Cruises is expanding its related programming in 2011.

Customs and codes: the importance of knowing before going

MAKING AN ENTRY They would be on the ground in Tokyo for just 40 hours. They were ready for a signature, and had flown 10 hours to get it. Proposal packs were exact to

Dusseldorf – city of thriving arts and culture scene

Dusseldorf is often overlooked in favor of its more popular sister Cologne, but this elegant, modern city on the eastern bank of the Rhine River has risen steadily to defy its origins as the dorf (vil

Time to diversify Caribbean marketing, assertths Culture Keeper

KINGSTON, Jamaica - Culture is one of the main attractions for tourists so the Caribbean tourism industry should do more to market each country's unique cultural heritage, says CEO of the Jamaica Expo

Soca News covers 2011 Seychelles Carnival

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) is pleased to share an article from Soca News (SN) about the country's first grand-scale cultural carnival.

Seychelles Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Hotel and Casino hosts Indian Food...

SEYCHELLES - Berjaya together with Seychelles Tourism Board, Diplomatic Spouses Association, and the Ministry of Culture joined together to present the INDIAN FOOD & CULTURAL EVENING with the theme, N

China: Imbuing tourist destinations with “cultural” content

JINAN - Tourists to a sacred mountain in east China's Shandong Province have a new attraction to see - a lights and drama extravaganza featuring China's largest LED screen.

In Quebec City, culture and tourism has a social and artistic...

When Amilcar Rojas fled the town of Tarma in the Andean nation of Peru almost three decades ago, he was looking for a place far from the conflicts and political turmoil that his native land then affor

Rural South Africa hopes culture will lure tourists

Sitting on tree stumps in a semi-circle, men wait patiently for a woman in a brightly coloured Venda dress to dish out her marula fruit beer from two big clay pots on a straw mat.

The reinvention of Vila Vita

Eight months after returning to his Portuguese roots to take up the post of chief executive officer at Vila Vita Portugal hotel group, responsible for the Vila Vita Parc resort in the Algarve and the

Volunteering on Vacation Program helps visitors get off the beaten path...

MAALAEA, MAUI, HI - During 2009, visitors to Maui gave the island a special gift - nearly 4,000 hours working on projects that benefited Maui's unique environment through a program called "Volunteerin

Ireland the beautiful

There’s nothing more beautiful than enjoying a bright spring day in Ireland. I love to take quick flights over to Shannon whenever RyanAir is running one of their famous one cent sales.

Celebrating the 750th anniversary of Chiang Rai in 2012

Mahanathee Magazine in Thailand is looking at the upcoming celebrations of Chiang Rai's 750th anniversary in 2012.

Kampung Ayer is part of the fascinating heritage of Brunei

Brunei might be the country of oil wealth, pristine rainforests, and 1001-nights style mosques with their golden domes, but in the middle of Bandar Sri Begawan, lives a unique legacy of old Borneo cul

Culture and heritage to be part of Seychelles tourism product development

Following the recent appointment of a new national arts council, and in line with the declaration of the Seychelles Tourist Board to add heritage, art, culture, crafts, music, and fashion to their lis

The way forward for Caribbean tourism

One of the most fascinating aspects of the business we’re in – the tourism industry, is the fact that interwoven into its very fabric are cultural elements – seen and unseen – which are integr

10 things you might not know about airline culture

Airline culture is all over the news. The hit movie "Up In the Air" stars George Clooney as a frequent flier.

Armenian landscape is picturesque and rich in cultural monuments

Mrs. Nelli Malkhasyan is an old friend of mine, I’m always meeting with her at travel fairs and witnessed her efforts to promote her country, Armenia.

Imo community steps up cultural tourism

Emma Okereke — Leaders of Uvuru clan in Aboh Mbaise local government area of Imo state have announced their intention to utilize their culture for the sustenance of peace and unity amongst the five

Ancient mummies and grave robbers: Northern Peru’s historic sites

Trujillo, Peru - "Life will punish those who react too late" is a quote by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that could easily apply to archaeologists in Peru.

Shark tour ban for Oahu passes first reading

On the long list of why opponents of shark tours don't like them, they say the tours are an affront to Hawaiian culture.

Find Thai culture, food, and crafts at Destination Thailand

Destination Thailand, a Thailand theme fair, is being organized for September 26-28 from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm at 2009 at Select Citywalk, Saket, New Delhi.

How Cambodian culture re-emerged after the devastating Pol Pot years

The awesome grace and meticulous movements of the performers have entranced audiences since ancient times, an experience now shared with plane-loads of tourists descending on Siem Reap in western Camb