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2011 natural disasters cost global economies $435 billion

CHICAGO, Ill. - Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe Report, which aggregates and analyses the natural disaster perils that occurred worldwide during 2011, has been released today.

Inflation rate in Thailand highest in 3 years

Thailand's inflation accelerated in August at the fastest pace in 35 months as food and energy prices rose.

Cost of Antarctica cruises to rise due to new anti-pollution rules

The cost of cruising to Antarctica is likely to rise next month with the introduction of new regulations that will compel ships visiting the region to use less polluting fuels.

Airline industry ideal for price discrimination

Airline pricing is based on several factors. Economists will tell us that this industry is ideal for price discrimination.

Cruise ship “alternative” dining madness rages on

Is the nickel and diming of onboard dining options becoming more like quartering and dollaring?

UAE travel agents advised on 2012 Olympic travel pricing

The cost of travel and accommodation in the UK during the 2012 year of Britain's Olympic and Paralympic Games will remain' fair' and will see Middle East holidaymakers offered 'indisputable value-for-

Aer Lingus labor war enters second week

Aer Lingus has refused to disclose how much it has spent on hiring in planes and crews to operate its schedule during the ongoing cabin crew dispute.

Pakistan International Airlines reports $51 million loss

Pakistan International Airlines Corp., the nation’s largest carrier, posted a wider loss in the second quarter after fuel costs rose.

Cost of space tourism considered by panel

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - U.S. space tourists hoping to buy a ticket for a suborbital flight could expect to pay between $50,000 and $100,000 by 2014, analysts say.

New York, Paris, London and Moscow are not on this list....

If you think $43 is too much to pay for lunch, you shouldn't live in Oslo.

ExpressJet: If you cannot fix revenue side, focus on cost...

Poor ExpressJet. The airline has lived in the shadow of its former owner Continental for years. After several failed attempts to diversify, the airline has a new CEO with a new strategy.

So, what is the REAL cost of that airline ticket?

You go to a travel website, plug in dates and locations, and up comes the lowest fare. Don’t click yet!

Continental: Back-to-back snowstorms cost $25M in lost revenue

DALLAS — Continental Airlines Inc. says the back-to-back snowstorms that shut down its New York area hub twice last month cost it $25 million in lost revenue.

Weather puts new burden on American carriers

A brutal snow storm that snarled air traffic and grounded flights along the East Coast this week also clouded the outlook for carriers that must foot the bill for stranded passengers.

Airlines’ quest to cut costs continues

Southwest Airlines has made lemonade out of lemons, squeezing a projected $100,000 annual savings out of eliminating the fruit from its beverage service.

Travel costs are the determining factor

The price is the decisive factor: increasingly the choice of destination is determined by the travel budget.

Legacy carriers lose customers to discount airlines

Jimmy Lim Chin Hwa abandoned Singapore Airlines Ltd.’s coach class for budget carrier Jetstar Asia Airways Pte two years ago to save 65 percent on the cost of flying.

June data: Bargains for flyers, burn for airlines

The Air Transport Association reports that passenger revenue for U.S.

In good times and bad, lower room rates cost hotels money

When close competitors cut their prices, the temptation for hotel operators is to follow with reductions of their own.

New York? London? Moscow? Guess again…

Thinking about going traveling overseas this summer? If you’re American, you might want to avoid Japan.

Costs of old age trip up airlines

Bankruptcies, restructurings, pay cuts and radical changes in airplane fleets and schedules were supposed to lower costs at older airlines so they could afford to match the cheap fares offered by upst

Cost goes sky high to fly with your pet

Flying with Fido or Fluffy may not be worth the trouble and expense anymore.

Japan Airlines lead cuts as airlines fret on demand

MADRID - Japan Airlines said it could slash international capacity by almost 10 percent and Scandinavia's SAS unveiled brutal cost cuts on Tuesday as global airlines scrambled to adjust to worsening d

Tourists getting steep discounts at attractions

ATLANTA — Hoping the prospect of sales will woo cash-strapped travelers, the nation's tourist destinations are taking a page from the retail playbook, offering tourists deep discounts and freezing g

Booking a cruise? Do some math first.

The cruise industry bills cruising as a great value. For one upfront price, your accommodations, meals and trip are paid for.

Orbitz looks to lower its operating costs further

Online travel operator Orbitz Worldwide Inc.

Tourists favor farm resorts as safer and cheaper option

Mumbai: The Mumbai terror attacks, that have India’s tourism industry reeling under their impact, have had an unforeseen fallout - increased bookings at rural and argi-farm destinations.

Getting value as if you’re a tourist in New York

There's always something in New York a lifelong New Yorker hasn't seen. Start a family, and eventually the allure of those once unappealing tourist attractions seems palpable.

Threat of piracy could push up cruise insurance

ATHENS — It's an insurer's nightmare: Heavily armed pirates, emboldened by their success in capturing cargo vessels, hijack a cruise ship with hundreds of well-heeled passengers and ask for massive