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FAA funding row will cost at least $1.2 billion

Washington - The House adjourned for summer recess Monday night without resolving a Federal Aviation Administration funding impasse, almost guaranteeing that nearly 4,000 FAA employees will remain fur

Smart move keeps Kenyan visa fees at current price

(eTN) - The Kenyan government, according to a well-placed source in Nairobi, is set to keep the fees for a tourist visa at US$25 per person, and will only review this by July 2011.

Tampa to Orlando high-speed rail could go $3 Billion over budget

LOS ANGELES - If the proposed Tampa to Orlando high-speed rail line goes over budget or fails to meet ridership expectations Florida taxpayers could get stuck with a bill of up to $3 billion, accordin

Is travel insurance worth the cost or a waste of money?

Vacations plans are disrupted for all sorts of reasons. Is it worth the extra cost of

Space tourist Gregory Olsen – going back by any means necessary

The third private citizen to fly in space, American millionaire Gregory Olsen, says he's excited about the future of space travel — especially if it means he might have another chance to fly.

Uganda visa fees to United States go up again

(eTN) - Anger and frustration is marking the publication of news that an application for a

Frontier Airlines: Pets on board ok, but it will cost you

DENVER — Frontier Airlines says it will let customers carry small pets on board, but it will cost more than some of the fares that Frontier charges its two-legged passengers.

Strike costs vs compromise – tough one for Willie Walsh

British Airways Plc Chief Executive Officer Willie Walsh must decide whether to stand his ground against cabin crew workers and ride out a strike that may cost the equivalent of 75 percent of projecte

European hotel prices still climbing

The average cost of a standard double room in Europe climbed another two percent this month, reaching 103 pounds per night.

US airline industry’s recovery threatened by a jump in jet fuel...

A jump in fuel prices poses one major obstacle for the U.S. airline industry's recovery, just as major carriers are starting to feel the benefits of tighter capacity and greater travel demand.

Kenya airfares to rival bus fares

Information was recently sent to this correspondent from Nairobi by two individuals, normally keenly observing the local aviation scene, about new low cost airlines being under formation and intending

Global study shows significant losses from unmanaged hotel programs

Egencia previewed results today from a global study "Hotel Cost Control: Savings and Opportunities," finding that companies risk tremendous annual budget losses through unmanaged travel activity.

The decision to book that flight now or wait

According to the flight comparison site, www.Skyscanner.net , people are waiting to book their flights - a new trend that began with the world-wide financial downturn.

Who pays for a Disney cruise wrecked by Norwalk virus?

Let’s say your cruise is cut short by the outbreak of a gastrointestinal virus. You spend most of your vacation quarantined in your cabin. Should you pay for it?

If you purchase carbon offsets when you travel, that cost just...

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Hotwire.com(R) has announced that starting today, when customers purchase offsets through a new program with TerraPass, they will only have to pay half of the cost that TerraPass n

What it costs an airline to fly your luggage

As you head off on your Thanksgiving travels this week and prepare to pay airline baggage fees, you may wonder what it actually costs the airline to fly your 40-pound suitcase.

Budget airline cools its jets in tough climate

Budget airline Easyjet has seen its annual profits fall because of higher fuel costs, despite managing to increase passenger numbers.

Fuel and taxes clip Hawaiian Airlines profits nearly 70 percent

Earnings at Hawaiian Airlines' parent company fell nearly 70 percent during the third quarter due in part to expenses related to fuel hedging contracts and an increase in the company's tax provision.

SmarterTravel asks how much that free ticket costs?

BOSTON, MA (September 10, 2008) - Since 1981, the value proposition underlying the airlines' popular loyalty programs has been simple and straightforward: earn miles; redeem them for a free ticket.

What’s a Spot on Oasis of the Seas Worth?

What are you willing to pay to cruise on what will be the world's largest, most innovative cruise ship ever built when it debuts in December 2009?

Visitors to Beijing Olympics put off by higher costs and tighter...

Tight security restrictions and higher prices are damaging domestic demand for Beijing Olympic package tours and reducing the number of overseas visitors, travel agencies and hotels have warned.

U.S. travel industry lost $26 billion in 2007 due to “air...

New York, NY - A report by the Travel Industry Association said consumers avoided up to 41 million air trips in 2007 because they were irked by the cumbersome security procedures, flights delays and e

Bus industry looks to a profitable future

Certainly, the era of long-distance, coast-to-coast bus travel may be over, however, the number of people taking buses within a 250- to 300-mile radius is greater than ever. The rise in gasoline prices to over $4 per gallon and heading to $5 a gallon may offer an historic opportunity to the inner-city bus industry.

A congressional committee says flight delays cost $12B to passengers, $19B...

NEW YORK - Domestic flight delays cost the industry and passengers $40.7 billion in 2007, according to the Joint Economic Committee from the House and Senate, which released a report Thursday. As part of this overall cost from the delays, passengers lost an estimated $12 billion worth of time that would otherwise have been spent on business and play, said the committee report.

Lebanese unrest cost up to $600 Million, Sarkis says

Unrest over the past week cost the Lebanese economy as much as $600 million in lost revenue and the figure may rise as the political deadlock continues, the country's tourism minister said.

Airline logic: Cost of fuel is rising, let’s double change fee

Changing your ticket on JetBlue now costs $100. The change went into effect on May 1, according to JetBlue spokesman Sebastian White. Previously, the charge was $40 for changes made online and $50 for those made over the phone.

Disney Cruise Line adopts fuel surcharge

TALLAHASSEE - Disney Cruise Line said Monday it will begin charging passengers to offset soaring fuel costs, joining every other major operator in the cruise industry.

Fare hikes could crimp business class travel

NEW YORK - Recent fare hikes and the weakening U.S. economy could hit U.S. airlines' bottom lines as more companies are requiring their traveling executives to fly economy instead of business class.

Keeping an eye on medical tourists

MANILA, Philippines - A group of doctors who have been friends since their preschool days are among the many reasons why the Philippines stands a good chance of becoming a major destination for medical tourists. Medical tourists are those who go to other countries to have a medical procedure performed because of the cheaper cost.