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CHOGM hunters lay into Uganda Civil Aviation Authority

Top Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) management got a roasting last week when the public accounts committee of parliament laid heavily into them, demanding answers about changed (upwards, of course) con

Allegiant Air cancelling profitable contracts for Cuba charters

Exercising the 120-day notice period to cancel contracts, Allegiant Travel Company announced today that its Allegiant Air subsidiary has chosen to exit the Cuban family charter programs that it curren

Alaska Airlines pilots approve new 4-year contract

Pilots at Alaska Airlines voted to ratify a new four-year contract, the company and their union said on Tuesday.

eTN Inbox: British Airways terminates travel agents’ contracts in Kenya

BA made good on their threat of February 1, 2009 and terminated contracts of IATA accredited travel agents in Kenya who refused to aid its violation of IATA’s PSAA (Resolution 824 Section 9).

5 travel traps lurking in the fine print

Your cruise ship may not be seaworthy. Your airline isn’t responsible for your checked luggage. And if something’s stolen from your room, good luck getting the hotel to cover your losses. Surprised? Don’t be. It’s all in the fine print.

80 partnership deals inked by tourism Ministry with national investors.

80 partnership contracts pertaining to a myriad of projects designed to inject new life into the flagging tourism sector in Algeria, were initialled Saturday in Algiers between the ministry of National Planning, Environment and Tourism and a number of Algerian investors.