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D.R. Congo: African Tourism Board is a place to be according World Heritage Kahuzi-Biega National Park

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- April 3, 2019 04:06

The African Tourism Board welcomes Kahuzi Biega National Park as a new member. The Kahuzi-Biega National Park is a protected area near Bukavu town in the eastern Democratic Republic of ... Read More

Summer travel – getaways and stayaways

editor editor- May 17, 2010 05:02

It feels as though we've been living a live-action Hollywood blockbuster this year, with torrential rains, floods, a menacing volcanic ash cloud, an evasive oil spill, violent political protests and ... Read More

Medical tourism: Pros and cons of budget treatments

editor editor- March 9, 2010 04:25

In the past, “medical tourists” — those who travel overseas to have procedures done — typically were wealthy. Read More

‘All prices are in US dollars’: Welcome to New Zealand

editor editor- October 27, 2008 06:16

Tourists taken to souvenir shops in backstreet industrial areas and told the prices are in US dollars. Read More

The 14 best travel scams

editor editor- February 4, 2008 06:42

From Floridian fraudsters to fake Peruvian police, these are the scoundrels out to scam you - plus, tell us your holiday scam horrors. Ever had your holiday ruined by a ... Read More

Casino tourists bring growth and strain to Macau

editor editor- January 22, 2008 06:23

Macau — The world's busiest casino town is straining to handle the affections of the world's largest population. Read More