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Malta and Zimbabwe share best climate in the world

(eTN) - Zimbabwe is a country of contrasts, and it comes as no surprise that its climate was voted “the best climate on Earth” alongside that of Malta in International Living magazine’s 2011 Qua

Climate change center to be established near Kilimanjaro

(eTN) - The Tanzanian government announced last week that they will, in conjunction with development partners and international organizations, establish a climate change research center near Africa’

Kilimanjaro ballon flight collects climate change data

(eTN) - A recent successful attempt to cross Mt.

Climate change fallout blocks route to Rwenzori Peaks in Uganda

Glaciers on the top of the "Mountains of the Moon," aka

Climate change effects on tourism industry to be discussed at STC...

Critical issues relating to sustainability and creative solutions to many of the challenges facing Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) member countries, as well as the effects of climate change, will

Passenger rail essential to addressing climate concerns

In a keynote speech delivered to the Northeast Climate Policy Forum, Amtrak president and CEO Joseph Boardman explained why passenger rail should be part of any strategy that addresses climate concern

Rains continue to pound eastern Africa

Only two months after a long and devastating drought broke, which had parts of East Africa in an iron grip for several years, torrential rains are once again causing yet more problems for rural popula

How Copenhagen betrayed Africa

China remained the main culprit in the cross hairs of climate change advocates, as the Copenhagen Summit drew to a close without the urgently required binding consensus.

South Africa slaps down African climate goals

It appears that South Africa may have broken ranks with the rest of the African continent over their joint approach towards the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, when news emerged from Pretoria that South

Thai Airways supports efforts to reduce carbon emissions

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI), as the national carrier of Thailand and one of the world’s airlines, states its support of climate change negotiations that will take place

Expert: Climate is affected by tourism plans

The tourism industry needs to recognise the importance of climate change and other environmental issues in its future development, says a climate change expert.

Poznan Climate Change Conference: tourism must be part of common climate...

POZNAN, Poland / MADRID, Spain - The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland (December 1-12, 2008) http://unfccc.int/meetings/cop_14/items/4481.php ended successfully with a clear

Tourism “imagines” responsibility at WTM

LONDON (eTN) – Messages and pleas for providing clean water and spearheading peace through tourism in the next 20 years have been conveyed in the past four days at London’s largest travel exhibiti

Country’s winters may become too hot for tourists

If temperatures increase due to global warming, it may lead to a decline in the number of tourists coming to Namibia, since most tourists visit during Namibia's winter when temperatures are not too hi

Tourism responding to the challenge of climate change

LIMA, Peru - World Tourism Day (September 27, 2008) - TOURpact.GC was launched by the UN Global Compact and UNWTO, on the occasion of the official World Tourism Day (WTD) celebrations in Lima, Peru.

Endangered list for travel destinations

It used to be that when we heard the words, endangered list, we only thought about animals.

Lufthansa targets new aims in environment and climate protection

Lufthansa spelled out ambitious goals in its strategic environmental program.

International Transport Forum 2008 opened in Germany

The Secretary General of the International Transport Forum, Jack Short, along with Leipzig's mayor, Burkhard Jung, opened the International Transport Forum 2008 in Leipzig yesterday with a tour of the concurrent exhibition.

Tourism responding to the challenge of climate change

Berlin/Madrid - The conference "Tourism - Responding to Climate and Poverty Imperatives", held in the context of ITB 2008, focused on tourism's role in the global climate response in solidarity with other sectors.As one of the principle services exports in the world's poorest and

Tourism acting on climate and poverty imperatives

The tourism sector has the potential to act effectively on the evolving common agenda of climate change response and the fight against poverty. UNWTO put forward this message during the thematic debate "Addressing Climate Change: The United Nations and the World at Work", at UN Headquarters in New York.