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Rampant threats cripple Chinese aviation industry in recent months

Within two days, two Chinese airlines were forced to abandon their flights after receiving messages threatening the safety of passengers on board.

AFRAA joins Chinese and American Airlines to oppose the EU’s emission...

(eTN) - Although several key African airlines have complied with the EU Emission Trading Scheme, and at a very substantial cost, the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) has now taken up the matter on

China’s major carriers: We will not pay EU carbon tax

China's four leading airlines have thrown down the gauntlet to the European Union by saying they will refuse to pay carbon charges levied under Europe's emissions trading scheme.

Chinese airlines resume Japan flights

China Southern Airlines said its flights to Tokyo's airports were resumed.The airline canceled its flights to Tokyo Saturday after a devastating quake struck Japan on Friday.

China Threatens Airline Penalties in Crash-Free Olympics Bid

China, bidding to use this year's Beijing Olympics to attract overseas tourists, said it will strip domestic airlines of routes and new planes if they have a major safety incident during the event.